What's the cheapest thing you can buy on Amazon?

I just picked out two dvds, and the total comes to $0.35 short of free shipping. What’s the cheapest thing I can buy to bump the total over the edge.

Make sure that it’s eligible for Free Super Saver Shipping.

I found a copy of Macbeth for $0.40. I’m so close.

Twelve Spanish Tile bookmarks for $1.50?

I guess this is not quite what you’re looking for?

Dude. this.

I found a Pink Pearl eraser sold by Amazon itself for $0.45
or you could try this to see the cheapest “New & Used” things.

This is not what you want exactly because it’s sold in Marketplace, and therefore doesn’t contribute to your minimum for free shipping. But it’s hard to beat the price…


Two hundred thousand dollars, but it ships for free with super saver shipping. Insurance… nah, we don’t need insurance.

This book is fifty cents and eligible for free shipping.


Wasn’t the Hope Diamond famously shipped by ordinary postal mail, because thieves wouldn’t suspect and try to rob it?


Lots of CDs/etc for a coupla bucks.

When I am after the free shipping, I often buy a package of soap bars to put me over 25.00. We can always use them, and I tend to forget to pick them up when I am out shopping. I order stuff from Amazon pretty often, so we keep stocked up on soap this way.


This one is 1.49 and qualifies for the free shipping:


That is completely outrageous. I absolutely refuse to buy it unless that is included.


I’m just annoyed there’s not a “write an online review” link on that page.

Nothing in the zShops qualifies for Amazon’s free shipping.

I’ve had this in my bookmarks for a while but haven’t had any need to use it yet:

Amazon Filler Item Finder: