Find the cheapest Amazon Prime item junkies who have signed up for Amazon Prime (free 2-day shipping for a year), here’s a little game for you. Find the cheapest item that qualifies for Prime shipping.

I’ll start off with these 5.99 “neckband” headphones:

So whatchya gunna buy that runs $19.01?

?? he’s not talking about "super saver’ shipping, he’s talking about Amazon Prime, where you pay a fee and get free 2-day shipping for a year.

$1.07 :smiley: I joined the forum on this site just to reply to this ancient post!

From your link

In any case, Welcome!

To the right, it says: “Add to Cart with FREE Two-Day Shipping,” so it is prime eligible.

I’m going to assume the OP excludes mp3s?

New challenge: find the cheapest zombie-related Prime items on Amazon.

How much are zombies?

And can they even be shipped?

Supereliguy gave the only correct response to the OP, and even made clear that he already knew it was an old thread. The “zombie” responses are themselves mindless.

It doesn’t say that for me.

I have a new contender: Mead 70 sheet wide ruled spiral notebook, purple cover. 77 cents. Considering I get free Amazon Prime as a college student, it’s time to stock up for [del]next quarter[/del] [del]next year[/del] the rest of my academic career.

I logged all the way out and it still says that. But anyway, if something is eligible for Super Saver, then it is Prime eligible, always I believe.

In a retraction of my previous post, this slightly different box of rubber bands is 60 cents and this 65 cent rubber band holder are also free to ship.

We’ve been having this contest at the office…here’s a few:
Screwdriver Bit…$0.55
Defective Bowls…$0.59
And my favorite:
Hella 4.8mm Terminal…$0.11

Nice finds…

whacks thread in the head with a shovel

FWIW, I signed up for Amazon Momand got a free 3 month sample of Prime. It was definitely incentive to shop more. (And it didn’t renew or charge me anywhere). There’s also Amazon Student which offers the same thing.

On a practical note, will find items to bring your total up to $25 so it can be eligible for free shipping if you don’t have Prime.

i have also bought one book from amazon worth 30$…