What's the current dope on the Chicago Spire?

Dear Uncle Cecil,

At my current rate of savings, I should be able to afford a condo in the Chicago Spire in about 300 years. Fortunately for me, at its current rate, that will also be the date of completion. They announce it, then they cancel it. They break ground, then they put it on hold. They dig the foundation, then funding is canceled. The AFL-CIO offers to invest, then they back out. What’s the straight dope, Cece? You know everything, right? Will this thing ever get built?

Your pal,

Randy Seltzer

It’s dead in the water. I heard on WLS Channel 7 (ABC) that unions in Chicago are trying to get together and get some financing approved to get the project going again so the union workers, will have, you know work.

But with no financing forthcoming and it looks like it’ll be years, the Daley administration is already looking for ways to “fill in the hole.”