What's the deal with Conan (on TBS)?

Last couple of days, I’ve been watching the comedy rerun marathons on TBS (four or five episodes of Family Guy last night; then the same with eps of The Big Bang Theory this evening. At the end of those runs, Conan has been running, and it hasn’t been particularly worth the trouble to change the channel or turn off the TV.

Here’s the thing: Last night’s show was apparently made when The Hunger Games was riding high at the box office, and tonight’s is talking about the Disney movie John Carter.

Is Conan usually this out of date?

He’s in reruns for the holiday. New shows return next week I believe.

Yeah, in TV land, the fourth of July is a two week affair. Colbert and Stewart are still in reruns, too.

Ah. Thanks.

I thought the same thing for a bit. But at the same time, I think it would be hilarious if one of the late night talk show guys made that his schtick: incredibly dated monologue material. :smiley:

That’s Leno on NBC.


This is really mundane and pointless, but I gotta ask: Smeghead, why did KneadToKnow’s post get de-capitalized when you quoted it?

As I recall, if you post a message in all capitals, the board lowercases it, since we like our peace and quiet here. But a bug in the implementation forces any quoted content to be lowercased as well. So I presume Smeg replied with “HEYOOOO!!!” which triggered the bug.

what, i don’t understand. why would writing “heyoo” in all lowercase trigger the bug?!!?

Do we have a new poster called the minusculist?

Smeghead didn’t write heyoooo!!!. He wrote HEYOOOO!!!. If a message is nothing but capital letters the board automatically turns all the uppercase letters to lower case and applied it to the text in the quote box because it’s just dumb software and can’t understand context.