whats the deal with corn nuts?

What are these? im not from america so i have no idea what they are

Basically, it’s kernals of corn fried until all moisture is removed. Here’s a site with a recipe so you can do it yourself:

I am American, but I’d never heard of them either.

Apparently, they’re a snack food.

is it a corn or is it a nut?

It’s a corn product, packaged like nuts…hardened like - if not more than - nuts. Usually more popular in the south and marketted little in the popular northeast, but they can be found…but they aren’t jumping out at you in every store in the NE.

Another ‘nut’ you could find is ‘soy nuts’, which are not nuts, but are packaged like nuts and have a hardness like nuts. And, duh…they’re soybean products.

Both get seasoned with popular US type potato chip/crisp seasonsings, such as barbeque, ranch, and other assorted varieties.

Nuts? Nope. Nutty? Yep.

They’re pretty large, individual kernels of corn (maize to you Europeans), fried, salted, and often spiced up. They’re very crunchy, almost hard, and are quite yummy. I have a hard time believing that an American hasn’t heard of them!

CurtC, I’ve lived in four different states too. I’m gonna go buy some.

“popular northeast”??? Says who?

Here’s a picture, along with a bit of history.

Oh, for god’s sake. It’s only the most densely populated part of the country.

Guess you missed NYC, Philly, Boston, DC, Baltimore, etc.

You jump into a corn nuts discussion to dispute the statement that the NE is popular!? I FART IN YOUR GENERAL DIRECTION!

“Populous”? I’ll buy that. Yes, more people live there per square mile than any part of the US. “Popular”? I could give a damn if it fell into the ocean. And a large number of folks south of the Mason-Dixon line and\or west of the Mississippi would agree. Farting in my general direction? See, your Yankee Mamma didn’t teach you any manners, boy. THAT’S why we wish you’d fall into the ocean! :stuck_out_tongue:

Corn nuts are the foulest-smelling things on the face of the earth. How anyone can get within ten feet of them is beyond me.

They smell like sweaty, unwashed feet and are absolutely disgusting.

We could let your argument collapse under its own lack of merit.

New York popular? Nah…you’re right. What was I thinking?

D.C.? Again, not popular…that’s the ticket. It’s not like tourism in the major NE cities I listed is proof of their popularity, or the fact that umpteen million people more than anywhere else live there. It’s so crowded, no one goes there anymore…not even my wife…um, Morgan Fairchild…yeah.

I’m not from America, but I love corn nuts. Someone mail me some, will you?

These are the best things ever for long-distance driving. A bag of cornnuts and a sixer of cold Coke and you’ll never fall asleep.

No problem. . . .

:confused: They’re certainly no worse than corn chips. Or do you find those disgusting too?

I haven’t had corn nuts in years, and now I’ve got a hankering for them. Mmmm, crunchy salty corn-y goodness… ::wanders off to buy a bag::

There was only 1 time in my life when i tried corn nuts. I can easily remember trying to bite them and remarking that it was like trying to eat a wire-tie.

Right! Who can sleep with all that crunching noise.