What's the deal with Cyclamates?

At one time, Cyclamates, a non-sugar sweetner, were used in several products. Then it got banned in the 70’s because it caused cancer in rats if the were feed 5 pounds of it a day for 400 years or something like that.
Anyway, I remember that a couple of companies fought like crazy to get this stuff off the banned list.
My question is, does anyone still want this stuff re-legalized? I can’t imagine so with all the artificial sweetners available now.
But what was the main draw of it? Did it have any after taste?

Cyclamates were considered the best in low-cal sweetners in their time. I drank soda with cyclamates (especially Fresca, which was killed when they were banned). It was much like Nutra-Sweet – no aftertaste. That was a big draw at a time when the only other artificial sweener was saccharine, which did have an aftertaste.

There were questions about the science behind banning cyclamates, but at the point I don’t think anyone want to fight it with the new sweeteners on the market. Not only would they have to convince the FDA to use it; they’d have to convince the public that it really wasn’t a carcinogen. That would be a public relations nightmare, and not worth the cost and effort.

The FDA Act of (IIRC) 1967 made ANY carcinigeon substance bannable. What made the cyclamate banning possible was scientists not Feeding the substance to Baby rats, but injecting it directly into the brain. In, as previously stated indigestable amounts.

(Hyjack) on the same line, harmfull foods are acceptable to the FDA list of GRAS (Generaly regarded as safe) A shining examle being Cinnamon which (as cyclamates, in massive quantities) is fatal.(end hyjack)

My Mother who was a constant dieter in my youth, used and adored this artificial sweetner. IIRC it is still availible in Canada.As I remember my Mom forcing my Dad to take a trip to Winsor to aquire some of the beloved substance.

No doubt, the discovery and introduction of the wonder Nutrasweet makes the argument for Cyclamates moot. I drink entirely too much tea for my own good, and have been known to find a cup sans sugar about.I will go for the nutrasweet before any of the other artifical sweetners on lack of aftertaste alone.

Having a good idea that Adult onset diabetes(my Father and his Sister got it after retirement) may be in my future give an intrest in my sweet future.And thanks to Nutrasweet it sure is lookin’ like honey!

FWIW, there are Cyclamates in products sold in Europe. Punica juice, for one.

RealityChuck–Fresca is still around. Or are you implying it isn’t as good now that they don’t use Cyclamates?