What's the deal with douching? No TMI in OP, but the subject IS douching

So douching is supposed to be pretty useless, from what I’ve read. In fact, it’s supposed to be not such a healthy practice. I don’t know anyone who does it. I don’t do it. When you think about it, it’s not really the best way get rid of that not so fresh feeling since that not so fresh feeling is generally external or so other ladies tell me - I wouldn’t know. :slight_smile:

Anyway, I see them in the drug store, I see them in the grocery store and at Wal-Mart and Target. There seems to be a fairly good variety of them. I notice there is a medicated douche, but most aren’t. Who is buying this supposedly useless product?

As an aside, I got one in my welcome to the dorm packet when I moved in. This was more than 20 years ago, but even then people knew it wasn’t necessary or even good.

If you have a case of the yeasties, douching is very soothing.

It’s not recommended as a general hygiene practice, but people do it anyway. Some women don’t like their natural scent and want to cover it up with “Ocean Freshness” or whatever. Other times, TMI a lady can be a little odoriferous at a certain point in her cycle, and will douche for those days only.

There ain’t no law against it, but it’s still not good for you in excess. Like alcohol.

But, in terms of the, you know, odoriferousness, I think that douching is cleaning the wrong part of the lower lady area. It’s not the inside of the vagina that is the problem, really, if I may be so bold.

Who the hell wants to eat “Ocean Freshness” or “Country Flower”? Soap and water, ladies. It works.

I think there’s a generational type gap regarding douching, maybe. I know one of my grandmother’s tried to quietly instruct me that douching was just what one did after each menstruation, she was horrified that my mother taught us not to.

FWIW, I’m not getting the appeal either. Succumbed to the pretty shiny happy people drinking tea on the beach commercials a few times, couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. Didn’t make me feel any more fresh than my regular showering habits, so I just sorta chalked it up as a product that exists to play on women’s insecurities.

Yep, soap and water, and nobody has ever walked up to me during my period and said, “Eww, you smell like you’re on the rag!” No deodorant products go down below.

I have heard that following antibiotics it’s not a bad idea to douche to help even things out, though I’d think eating yogurt would be better.

Way back in the day, they used to advertise Lysol as a douche! No, really! crossing legs

There’s no need to worry about smelling ‘different’ during your period. Dammit, some women’s breath smells different, it’s no big deal, it’s NATURAL. Mind you, it annoys my girlfriend when she kisses me, and I immediately respond “Well I’m not getting any for a while, am I?” :smiley: