Do You Douche? A Short Film

I just had to share this montage of douching commercials someone edited together. It sort of reminded me of the thread we had on it a while ago.

“Extra mild for me!”

Apoll-oggies if it goes in Cafe Society. I didn’t think this really rose to the level of art.

“OK, Mom, which hand has the newest idea in douches?!”

Extra mild? Oops, original comment came out wrong.

After you douche, do you jump up and down to swish it around?


I wish someone would come out with an anti-douche PSA. Not the kind who wears axe body spray and doesn’t call back for a 2nd date, but the kind that swishes inside your vagina and messes up your body’s natural PH.

Why stop there? I think there’s plenty of need for the former kind of PSA as well.

I think MTV is showing hour long PSAs of that one, Ferret Herder.

IIRC, Cecil had a few comments about a ‘recipe’ related to this topic on his Dr. Bronner’s soap article.

This was much funnier than it had any right to be.

Only massengill has a dispenser shaped like a tiny penis for effective douching. Plus, they’re the only ones who can handle a really dirt vagina.

I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to give your feminine membranes the same care and attention you’d give a toilet.

So, no posts yet on the appropriate pairing of user name/subject matter then, eh?

You know what you did; we don’t need to tell you.

“Thanks mom.”

[Reads lnk]

That last scene where the mother is running her fingers through her daughter’s hair while talking about douches seems a little…molest-y.

“I choose extra cleansing.”

My mind yelled, "Why?"

A good rule of thumb in evaluating various feminine hygiene products is to not put anything in your vagina that you would not put in your mouth.

Good thing more women aren’t into chewing tobacco.

I actually remember seeing one of those ads as a kid. The daughter/mom one. Eeeeeyuuuuch.

Dude, I was impressed by the bubbles scene in ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’, but chewing tobacco…!?

Hell if I want to be around when they spit…