What's The Deal With Michael Phelps Teeth?

The proper response is “Stop calling me surly”.

So what’s wrong with the new guy’s teeth?

You might think I’m surly, but really I’m just shy. If I have a chip on my shoulder it’s because of all the people who made fun of my because I’m tall and thin. There are introverts and extroverts. I can’t change what I am. Are you discriminating against me just because I’m an introvert?

And maybe your big ears. Just sayin’

Helps him to bite the water.

Well, get used to those teeth- he’s sure to be in a slue of new commercials after the olympics, which is too bad, as he’s one of the least telegenic persons on the planet.

Looks like someone googled “michael phelps dental laid.”

Rule 34 in action, folks :eek: or maybe :smiley: is more appropriate.

My evil stepmother (no lie) made the offhand commenst that he must have been too friendly with his cousins … i.e., what’s the matter with his parents … ehhh.

I found her remarks uncalled for, and in bad taste, unlike the OP’s inquiry.

So, if I understand you correctly, those are the type of teeth most suitable for eating brains?

You obviously never met my partner: 6’10", thin, and the nicest guy on the planet . . . though he may not be nice to you.

While Argent Towers did say that, he said it 4 years ago and the last time he logged in here was 5 months ago.

Well no shit…I could have sworn I’ve seen Agent Foxtrot around more recently than that.

That, my dear Colophon, is called a grill: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/08/02/fashion/ryan-lochtes-grill-gets-a-mixed-response.html

He’s always looked like a Marfan’s person to me.

He’s My Favorite Marfan

2 of my sons had similarly narrow palates. It was fixed by installing palate expanders ( expensive and uncomfortable) for several months to 2 years followed by braces. This looks like that problem. It is mostly a cosmetic problem and not (or poorly) covered by insurance. Many people choose not to correct it.

I am 99% sure that Michael Phelps has a severe anterior open bite (5+ mm). This means that his front top teeth can’t meet his front bottom teeth (this is extremely obvious in interviews, especially when he makes the “s” sound; naturally the teeth should close for this but his do not, creating a slight lisp). Basically when he bites together the only teeth that meet are the back molars, I suspect.

The reason I’m so sure is because I have the exact same condition myself with (fortunately) a slightly lesser severity :o

Anyway, it’s an odd case because an open bite is commonly caused by “tongue thrusting”, where you don’t swallow properly from childhood - the tongue pushes on the back of the teeth instead of the roof of the mouth when swallowing, pushing out the front teeth to create a bucktoothed appearance and a gap at the front. But Phelps is not bucktoothed so I doubt this is the cause in his case.

The other possible cause of an open bite (AFAIK) is problems with the jaw itself, e.g., in my case a part of my joint is effectively dissolving itself (called condylar resorption). That can happen due to trauma but sometimes there’s no known cause (like in my case! :smack:). This is far more common (9x) in young women than men, though, so if he has this he’s very unlucky.

Anyway, that’s my 2 cents. Pretty sure it’s a severe open bite (as well as a narrow palate as others have mentioned).

A close friend of mine (with Marfan’s) told me that they sometimes refer to themselves as “marfs.”

Another odd thing about Phelps’ body is the length and shape of his torso. Whenever I see certain shots of him shirtless, it looks like he has purposely pulled his swimming shorts down significantly past his where they would rest naturally; yet for him that’s where “naturally” is. I’m not sure I’m doing a very good job describing the visual image of what I’m referring to but I always get this same impression whenever I see him.

He appears to have a high arched palate, and an especially long torso. I haven’t seen his hands but he may have Marfan’s syndrome. I’m not the only one who thinks so.