What's The Deal With Michael Phelps Teeth?

I was looking at photos of him and they seem to be OK, at least from a utility standpoint but something about it doesn’t look right

If you look at this pic

Phelps Smile

It seems like his smile is too big for his mouth

Is it just one of those things or is there an actual condition here?

That’s the smile of “I just got a million bucks for swimming and I can have sex with just about any woman I want.” Not too many of us have had that smile, and it’s impossible to fake.

Here’s another pic

Phelps Teeth

You see it’s like his teeth move back but his smile is too big for them

Please post your normal-looking teeth so that we may have an indication of what a normal set of teeth look like.

This is just one symptom displayed by those who have a condition that makes them “not normal.” You probably have seen these people especially some youngsters or teenagers. You just thought they were “odd” “geeky” didn’t quite “fit in” and did things that were a little “weird” socially. Its difficult to diagnose, mostly because it hasn’t been recognized as a condition or disease yet. It’s mostly a spectrum of symptoms that can be organized into a syndrome (I propose “Sigene syndrome”). Dr’s will have to have a list of symptoms that they will check, and depending on the answers can effectively diagnose it. Some other symptoms include “being a scrawny, gangly kid” (measured by a ratio of waist size to arm length; poor eyesight; and less facial hair than normal… in addition to the funny looking teeth.
I would make a plea to help these poor souls who don’t quite fit in; but they grew up and run the world now.

(unfortunately, I wouldn’t be surprised if someday such a disease would be identified and those who have it become medicated)

You kinda wonder about Marfan Syndrome, though I think that usually causes longer legs instead of such a long torso. I think he might be part dolphin.

Isn’t he just a “type”? Normal as the next person, but fitting into a group that has a similar “bite physiology”? When I have seen him, I have noted a similar bite in Penny Marshall and Eddie Van Halen (see photo on back of Women and Children First - linking to photos using a BlackBerry is too big a pain).

But no big deal, really…

This is something I spent a little bit of time studying in a criminal psychology class which might have a bit of relevance to your post:


I’m not suggesting that Phelps has schizophrenia, of course, only offering this as an interesting aside.

Just my 2 cents but it appears to be what I, and also another guy I know, both have. Basically the curve or radius of the gum line is tigher than the curve of the skull around the mouth (I’m not sure I’m describing it right. Our teeth aren’t out-of-line with each other, just the line is tightly curved. I’m not sure if its something that could have been changed with braces.

FWIW I have never had any problems with it; there are no resultant problems with teeth nor gums, nor is there a problem with speech, eating, drinking, breathing or any thing else usually associated with the mouth.

Phelps’ case appear to be just a bit more exagerated than mine or my friends’, but that could also be a resut of the camera, or perhaps an unusually wide and well earned grin.

In my experience - and that’s all it is, my experience - guys who are very tall, and very thin, what you might call “gangly,” I guess, tend to be bigger jerks and have poorer social manners, a more rude and ill-humored attitude, and act like they have a chip on their shoulder, more than people with other body types. This is not true of huge guys that are 6’5 and 300 pounds, like football player types - in my experience it tends to be guys who are very tall, and very skinny. These guys also usually seem to have bigger noses, bigger ears, and bigger teeth.

I don’t know what it is, but I find that guys who fit this description, for some reason, are often surly and lacking in social skills.

I have seen several site say he has a bad underbite.

Is that it?

This. My teeth are the same way: the horseshoe shape of them is narrower than in most people. The only trouble I have is that my tongue therefore overlaps the side teeth a bit too much and I accidentally bite it a lot.

What does this have to do with the question in OP?

The man needs orthodontics to expand his abnormally narrow arch and misaligned teeth. Mind you he gets laid plenty with his teeth as they are. It may between his swim schedule and being pleasured by as many females as he can take, he has not had time to address his dental issues. Perhaps as he ages and he lightens his swim schedule and gets laid less often, he will address his dental deficiencies.

Nothing about his face looks right. He’s a remarkably ugly young man. I mean, yeah, he’s a super talented athlete and has an incredibly fit body, but none of his facial features fit together right and the end result is quite unattractive.

Dude sure can swim, though.

Looks like a significant overbite to me. Just like me.

One of the ways we can be sure Phelps is abnormal is in his low body fat percentage. Most of the men you see smiling have much more fat stored in their cheeks.

Just in case it’s not clear, this thread was started during the 2008 Olympics.

:dubious: I am not surly.