What's the deal with people ordering ice cream or soda on cold days?

I was down at McDonalds freezing my ass off. The van hadn’t been driven for three days and was taking forever to warm up. Shivering. It was 30 outside and must of been 25 inside that icebox of a van. It hurt even holding onto that frozen plastic steering wheel.

I look into the drive up pickup window and some dumb ass had ordered a freaking ice cream sundae? A cold chill ran up my entire spine just looking at that thing.

I won’t even order a soda in below zero weather. I want no part of ice in my drink.

Yeah, I despise cold weather. I hate being cold and won’t make it worse with cold beverages or ice cream.

I don’t get it. Is there any demand for ice cream in the winter? Why even bother selling it?

Because ice cream tastes good.

Because most people have heat in their vehicle, and 30 isn’t frightfully cold to many of us (given that we’re in shelter away from the wind) anyway?

And because ice cream tastes good.

I need caffeine; I can’t stand coffee; if you want me to say “from my cold dead hands,” I’ll say “from my cold dead hands.”

If I’ve just completed a 20km hike carrying a 15kg backpack, even if it’s -5°C, I’d like a nice cold ice-cream thank you very much :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess that cold stuff in your belly doesn’t make you even colder?

It does me. I don’t mind something cold if I’ve been in my heated house. But I can’t recall buying ice cream in the winter in quite a few years. We eat plenty of it in the summer. But running down to a fast food place never gives the van time to heat up. I get chilled to the bone. I knew better than to even go out tonight, but I was craving a quarter pounder so bad. sigh.

Taste doesn’t change with the temperature.

I see it plenty around here. People walking down the sidewalk with bubble teas, smoothies, other iced drinks. Most of us here dress warmly, layers and hats and gloves. We’re perfectly comfortable.

Well, yes, it does. That’s physics. But that doesn’t mean everyone else feels as cold as you do.

On a really cold day, ice cream seems comparatively warm. And who limits themselves to cold food in the summer?

For many folks. 30F simply isn’t very cold. It isn’t for me. I often have ice tea with breakfast, summer or winter.

I actually love ice cream best in the dead of winter. It makes you cold, but then your body makes you warm! And really 30 f isn’t cold at all. This morning it was 7 here.

I suspect it’s all in what you’re used to, as when I was in Maine once on one goddamned cold June day (it was, like, 55?) I couldn’t believe all the people crowded around the ice cream stand, eating their ice cream in the shrieking freezing wind.

Watched the weather this morning and last night’s low was 24. Much Colder than I was expecting. Thats part of the problem in Arkansas. Monday was in the low 60’s. By Tuesday afternoon the high was in the 30’s. We get these bizarre 30 degree weather swings every wonter. Its hard to get into a cold weather mindset with parkas, mittens,scarves, and wool hat. I was way under dressed for 24 degree temps last night. A light windbreaker was a bad idea.

Anyway I’m surprised so many people like cold foods and drinks in the winter. I want steaming hot bowls of chili or stew. Washed down with coffee or hot chocolate. Hot spiced cider is nice too.

I hate the cold, but I do like ice cream in the cold. I couldn’t tell you why. Maybe the cold causes my under active sweet tooth to kick into gear.

I wore a sweatshirt instead of my winter coat a few days ago because it was up in the 20s. My steering wheel doesn’t hurt to hold until it’s about -5 and when that happens, I put on a pair of gloves.

Check the data and you’ll see that many of the states with the highest per capita consumption of ice cream are cold states. Ice cream knows no temperature restrictions!

I can see you questioning the ice cream, but soda? Huh? Soda is not a “cold weather” or “warm weather” drink, it’s just a drink. Are you telling us that during winter the only liquids you drink are hot? That is really weird if true.

That doesn’t bother me so much as the idiots who pack up their kids and take them out to eat in nasty weather. I’m not talking just cold, but subzero windchill and icy roads kind of weather. I think if it’s so bad that school and many workplaces are closed you really shouldn’t be running around unless it’s an emergency. :rolleyes:

And of course these morons usually come in just as we’re getting the call to close up and go home…

I drink soda year around at home. I just don’t want one when I’ve been outside and am cold. Which is usually the case when I go for fast food. A 15 minute drive doesn’t begin to cut the chill out of a van. Makes it easy to say no to a Meal Deal.

<shrug> People enjoy different foods. Whatever floats their boat.