What's the deal with spider bites?

I don’t recall ever having been bitten by your average spider in my life. Maybe I have, I don’t know. And by average I mean, like a yellow sac or anything like that.

People around me get bit. My SO gets bites occasionally and they swell up something horrible. I admit to having some doubts initially on whether it was really a spider bite - I mean, I sleep in the same bed and nothing ever bites me! But after a few, I am pretty sure that’s what it is.

My coworker showed me some bites she got the other day - nasty ones.

I’ve since come to the conclusion that I don’t toss and turn much when I sleep, so the spider runs over me and doesn’t get annoyed enough to bite. But my SO moves around a lot so maybe it’s all pissy?

What is the deal? Why do some people get bit and not others? Have you been bitten by one?

A lot of those spider bites you see are actually staff infections where nothing has actually bit them.

One of The Master’s minions speaks. BTW, Doug Yanega, the staff reporter on this one, is a nationally known entomologist, not just some random poster.

I once asked a dermatologist that I worked for about all the “spider bites” that people supposedly get. He said that the vast majority of the time, they aren’t spider bites.

You should DEFINITELY stay away from the staff at this board…

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That’s what I figured, that they weren’t really spider bites. But people are so convinced.

’mika - I hate to suggest it, but how about bedbugs? He may be yummier than you, or have more of a reaction to the bites.


Nope. Trust me, we’ve checked, over and over. He’s a little…paranoid about these things. I don’t mind because then I don’t have to be.

About 8 years ago, I was treated for spider bites.

At the time, we lived in western Illinois and it was one of those early spring days in April that promised to be unusually warm. The temperature was going in the 80s and my husband wanted to play golf. I grabbed a shirt out of the back of my closet that had not been worn for several months and we took off for the course. Later that evening, I noticed the right side of my breast was sore, on the underside where the bra band sits. At first I thought my bra had rubbed a sore spot onto my skin (It had happened before, I tend to sweat a lot and I was wearing an old sport bra that didn’t fit well), but there was a mild burning sensation to it that just felt different.

I went upstairs and checked. There were 6 small open blisters in a row along my boob. The first was about the size of a pea and the rest got progressively smaller as they went. I dabbed with alcohol (OUCH!!!) and then swabbed it with Neosporin.

The next morning I went to the non urgent care clinic and the doctor diagnosed it as brown recluse bites. She guessed it has been hanging out, undisturbed, in/on my shirt until I came along and it just kept on biting me while it could until it fell off. She said she had a biscuit sized scar on her back where a brown recluse bit her. She gave me some prednisone pills and cortisone cream.

I never did see any brown recluse spiders in our house, but they are supposed to be common in the Midwest. If it was not a spider, I still think it was some sort of mean insect that decided to chomp on me while it could.

I’ve been bitten several times and I know what bit me because I saw them. Three of the bites were about the same as a mosquito bite, a little itchy bump. Once I got bitten by a black widow, on the tip of my finger. In less than a hour my entire finger was swollen. Later that night I felt sick like I had the flu, chills, fever, achy and my whole hand was swollen. The next morning I was purple and swollen past my wrist, a day later I was purple and swollen almost to my shoulder and I had red streaks running up my arm.
I went to the doctor, he yelled at me for waiting so long and gave me some pills. A few days later I was fine.

Years ago my son’s father was sitting on my bed. A little white spider came down on a thread, landed on his back and bit him. He said it really hurt, and you could see two little purple fang marks and the skin around the bite turned a pasty white. It itched for a few days, and the fang marks lasted about as long.

Quite a few of my patients with “spider bites” end up having foliculitis diagnosed by a doctor. They still believe they’re spider bites.

I’d be willing to believe that the random bites (spider, mosquito, who the fuck knows) are not actual bites but a staph infection or something else, except for the fact that they will literally appear from no where. One minute I’m fine, the next I feel an itch and reach down and there is a clear, fluid-filled bump that turns to a bug bite looking thing within an hour or two.

I guess it doesn’t have to be a bite, but I find it hard to believe that a staph infection can pop up out of nowhere that dramatically. I have had bites turn into staph infections, swelling to scary proportions and feeling hot to the touch. Doctor confirmed, antibiotics and cream provided.

I’m a magnet for bites. I was outside playing tennis a week ago and got 5 bites within 10 minutes, only on my legs. I hate it!

I went through a series of “spider” bites almost 20 years ago. Never saw a spider, wife at that time was working at a county hospital as a nurse where staph was very common.
One thing we all seem to agree on is that it starts with an itch, and then a burning sensation and then the postule forms. A quick remedy if done durring the itchy stage is the hold a very hot compress on the itch alternating every 30 seconds or so with another hot compress for about 5 min. Itch will leave immediately and burning and red will not start.