What's the Deal with the Holland Tunnel?

Is it true that there’s a single-occupancy-vehicle restriction in place from 6:00 to 10:00 AM for NYC-bound traffic? At what times is it actually being enforced? What do they do if they catch you - turn you back, or give you a ticket?

See there for details and exceptions. It doesn’t say what happens if they catch you, or at least I couldn’t find it.

Courtesy of your friend, Google:

Besides being turned away, there is all the bad carma build up as other drivers watch you[sup][/sup]get turned around, adding to the commuting nightmare.
[/sup]The editorial you, not you, lucwarm

Arrrgh… one minute’s preview time! Note the section I quoted above:

You win, Rhythmdvl. Good call. I was first, but you had the answer.