What's the deal with "Who wants to be a Millionaire?"

I agree with you to a certain extent Keeves, but it is also about the only show that has virtually no time limit on answering a question and that you can read the question and use all the lifelines and still at the end decide that you will not answer it and will take the money you had last.

I think it is one a time waster as mentioned before and also to protect ABC.

On Spin City the other night, one of the characters Paul was playing and he got to the $1 Million question and he changed his answer numerous times and even changed whether or not he wanted to answer, in the end he finally said it was his final answer and he got it right.


I Like Greed. On the THur show a guy won $1M but wanted to go for $2.2M He needed four answers out of 7. He got three. That was a humdinger.

Regarding the lifelines, when the IRS guy won the mill he used the phone call to call his dad, then didn’t ask the question, just wanted to tell him he was going to win. When he made the decision to call, I thought “you idiot, you have 3 lifelines and only 1 question, why not use 50/50 before calling anyone, so that you make the most of the call?” If you are willing to use more that one lifeline on 1 question, using 50/50 first seems to be the way to go. Comments?

JoeBlank: Your idea makes sense, but

there was an episode last week where a guy did the 50/50 and then called someone. When he made the call, he had to ask the friend all four choices. Your idea would make the best use of the phone call by only asking the two remaining choices, but that doesn’t seem to be in the rules. If the phone call has to ask all four choices, then it’s not going to matter what order you use the lifelines in.

Would it make a difference if there were 3 questions and Monty was asking instead of Regis :wink:

Seriously, I would think that the lifeline callees would be watching the show also and know to ignore the 2 questions eliminated by the 50/50 lifeline.


Sorry, should be ‘choices’ instead of ‘questions’.

proofread before post [SLAP]

Oblio - It can’t be done. The shows are taped, edited, and then broadcast.

Ah, ya got me. I should have figured that out from the previous posts.

I am sure they do tape the shows, but one of the first ones was played right after the new Annie movie played and the guy said that he was watching Annie before he came out, so it was almost as if it was live. Probably just a cheap plug by ABC.


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