What's the deepest point you can find on Google Earth?

The latest version of Google Earth has ocean topography. I spent about 20 minutes, and I found a point at -33,038 feet. Can anyone beat that? Now, I’ve got to dig up my copy of Tales of Topographic Oceans.

Just once? In 1960? :wink:

Something told me that the Mariana Trench is what I should be looking for (I believe it’s been mentioned on these boards once or twice). I found the trench, but it’s not exactly a small trench. Finding the deepest point is like finding a needle in a haystack. I spent about 10 minutes searching around (I don’t have the willpower that you do), and I couldn’t find anything deeper than about 9,000 metres (30,000 feet), so I gave up and looked up the coordinates of the deepest point in Wikipedia.

11°19′N 142°15′E

Even armed with these coordinates, I didn’t find anything deeper than 10,342 metres (33,930 feet), but Wikipedia says it should be 10,900 metres (35,760 ft).

If you zoom in close enough to the coordinates in the spoiler, a Wikipedia icon pops up for the Bathyscaphe Trieste, which performed the infamous descent. Nearby is a Wikipedia icon for Challenger Deep. Poking around between these two icons I managed to find a point at -10,863 metres (-35,640 feet).

I have found -10.889 meter at 1121’30,50’'N and 14233’20,83’'E

I have found -10.889 meter at 1121’30,50’'N and 14233’20,83’'E

I have found -35.726 feet at 1121’30,50’'N and 14233’20,83’'E

Try this spot (converted): 11°21’30.50N, 142°33’20.83E