What's the difference between Valteron and other anti-inflammatories?

The old mouse finger (and arm) have seized up on me, and Advil wasn’t helping, so I went to the doc and got an Rx for some Valteron. Can already feel it easing up.

Just curious - what is Valteron and why is it more effective than an anti-inflammatory, like aspirin or advil?

(And, I’m not asking for medical advice - got the instructions from my doc and will follow them. Just forgot to ask him and the pharmacist what Valteron is.)

Are you sure that you have spelled that correctly. Aside from the fact that I have several times found Valteron to be quite inflammatory, :smiley: I cannot find a med with that name on Google™.

I’m guessing Voltaren.

I think Smakfu’s got it right - I was just going by the doc’s hand-writing, so there may have been a communication difficulty…

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I used to take Voltarol, not that it was any use but it was/is a combined anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

Did upset the digestive tract for a while until I became accustomed to it, never noticed any other side effects.

Been awhile since I used voltaren, but IIRC it has a longer dosing interval, sometimes that’s more effective than the up and down of a more frequent dosing interval. Also, we have lots of different analgesics because everyone’s a little bit different, and some people are a lot different, results vary, just like your milage.

My guess is wikipedia nuttiness, because I don’t see anything about that elsewhere. But I could just be bad at searching.

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I have taken Voltaren for killer menstrual cramps, and while I don’t know why it’s better, I do know that for me, it’s much more effective than ibuprofen, or Advil, even when those drugs are at prescription dosage.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread to see if anyone has a GQ-worthy answer. :slight_smile:

No particular NSAID has been found to be particularly more effective than any other NSAID for the population at large.

The reason for individual variation is not known. At least not by me, anyway. I do tend to switch folks from one category of NSAID to another in an attempt to find one that works better for them, but it’s all guesswork.

That’s why they call it a medical practice

The difference is, Harry Potter can never take Voltaren.:eek: