What's the difference between...

I was reading a press briefing on “whitehouse.gov” and there were references to press “briefings” (which I know about) and press “gaggles” (of which I have no clue). Soooo,what is gaggle (besides a bunch of geese) and how does it differ from a briefing?


Easy, its the briefing one gives to a bunch of geese! :D:D:D

Gaggles are less formal briefings, sometimes taking place in the press secretary’s own office, which are not televised. They allow the reporters and the press secretary to have a more jovial repartee.

Press briefings are the more formal affairs in the White House briefing room which are always on TV.

Thanks, friedo, for the PDQ response.

I got in lots of trouble last year for making thread titles like yours. Basically, you have to ask the full question in your thread title or say something like, “A question about what to call groups of geese?” You can’t have a title like yours or one like “I was walking down the street and then I…”

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