What's the enjoyment of drinking strong spirits?

I enjoy a good sipping whiskey as much as the next human, but if I see someone doing shots I’m assuming their primary purpose is getting drunk.

My father says when he was a kid there was some Western serial where the good guy would belly up to the bar and request milk. And the bartender would always pull out a pitcher and serve him a glass of milk. Dad says even as a kid he was all “what!?”

As said, there’s a sort of pleasure to the sting. Also as said, its not unlike enjoying a spicy bite. It’s odd we seek some painful experiences, sometimes.

Considering that Louis XIII goes for several thousand dollars per bottle and takes literally 100 years to produce, I’d say that if you’re chugging it, you’re doing it wrong.


The reason for doing shots is generally to get drunk as rapidly as possible. I say “generally” because one can also partake in a round of shots as a symbolic gesture of celebration or bonding. The shots don’t have to be particularly strong or harsh (i.e lemon drop or kamikaze shots vs whiskey or tequila). For example, doing a round of shots to celebrate someone’s birthday or Bob’s promotion or whatever. One shot probably won’t get most people drunk. Plus it’s quick. Most people don’t want to spend the next ten minutes sipping a beer in unison to celebrate your birthday or Bob’s promotion.

But younger people - generally high school, college and early 20s - yeah, they are mostly just looking to get freakin hammered.

“It’s so HOT!! Milk was a bad choice!”

  • Ron Burgundy, Anchorman

And it’s appropriate for certain dire circumstances. I celebrate and just hang out with beer, but if life serves me up a heaping pile of shit and I need to spend some time chewing on it, I’m going to wash it down with something nasty.

That may be true in terms of net alcohol per weight (plus, really concentrated alcohol has a distinctly alcoholic kick, as well as blowing that much more booze into your liver faster), but it hardly needs pointing out that a masterfully distilled azeotrope will be a lot smoother than the same-strength moonshine where you may or may not go blind.

If you only celebrate with beer, and scrub your brain cells with mystery booze, you never get to enjoy the good liquor!

I think you’ve misunderstood my post, or maybe I could have expressed myself more clearly. “Nasty” refers to the burn mentioned upthread. I know what I like and what I drink, so no mystery booze for me.

That makes sense. Though, now I can’t help but think of this scene [you may want to turn on subtitles since it is not in English]:

Subtitles are in French.

hmm… try this one

So, here’s to rotgut? :nauseated_face: