What's the first movie you recall seeing that made you cry?

I was about the same age as the protagonist when I saw the movie My Girl, and I left the theater sobbing.
Watched it again last night for the eleventy billionth time, and yup, still gets to me.

What was the first film you remember seeing that moved you to tears?

The Lion King.

All Dogs Go To Heaven.

The First 3 Lives of Thomasina

Homeward Bound.

Sylvester Stallone’s “Cliffhanger” made me throw up…does that count?


Old Yeller


No idea - I’ve been watching movies since I was a child and am a notoriously soft touch emotionally. But the first movie I ever watched with my wife of twenty-nine years was The Elephant Man, and both of us were emotional wrecks by the end.

As an adult? Akira Kurosawa’s Ikiru was the first that left me openly weeping.

The most recent, somewhat embarrassingly, was Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.


The first one I can remember making me cry is Love Story.

I either cried or came very close to tears watching *Bambi *and Charlotte’s Web.

Old Yeller for me too.

I still recall being carried out of the theater at age 3 blubbering “Buh-Buh-Buh-Bambi’s mother died!”

The only answer for all men between the ages of 27 and 33.


The Iron Giant maybe

Short Circuit 2
I lost it when the thugs started beating on Johnny 5 toward the end of film, when he screams “Noo, please stop. Noooo.” Seeing him acting in his usual friendly self even while being mutilated created a juxtaposition that overwhelmed my young brain.

My mother tells me I sobbed during “The Fox and the Hound.” I would have been around 4 or 5, and I have a vague memory of going to see it.

I’m stunted emotionally, or so I’m told. Especially when it comes to movies. However, Big Fish got me tearing up.

Damn, now you made me want to watch that movie again…