Whats the funniest website?

My vote goes for theonion.com? Its without a doubt the funniest intentionally funny site I’ve seen. Its consistently witty and hilarious.

What do you think is the funniest website around?

Silly me, thats not a question, its statement. (wishes he knew how to make an embarrassed smiley face)

http://www.seanbaby.com funniest man alive.

In a “can’t believe someone THOUGHT of this” type funny, I vote for http://www.emotioneric.com/ … simple, yet makes me laugh. Seanbaby.com comes close, though. Especially his section about Flash.

      • I loved “AOL Geek of the Week” when it was around. After it died you could still find mirrors of it, but the last time I looked a couple months back I looked and couldn’t find any. I don’t got no AOL anymore to see if it’s still on there. Anybody know where/if it’s back up again?
  • Fugly.net I kinda like too. ~~~ Fugly.com is a newer site, of the extremely imaginative porn-and-dead-people sort -plus they recently became a paysite. E-mail them and ask where all the free pictures of funny-looking people went.
  • Losers.org (convenient indexing)
  • Portalofevil.com (site links and reviews, some X-rated)
  • Many of the rest often contain X-rated material as well as being very funny, and so I will refrain from listing them here. - MC

Hands down, the funniest thing I have ever found on the Internet was that work of sheer genius: The Dysfunctional Family Circus. FC cartoons with captions written by the masses…and a good deal less polite than the originals. For those who like to see something good come from something so evil.

If you’re into any kind of gaming, SomethingAwful is an awesome site to check out…it’s seriously made me laugh out loud so many times at work that I can’t go there any more, for fear of being found out.

I’d have to go with The Onion, http://www.satirewire.com and http://www.brunching.com

Two of my favorites:

. Check out the Institute of Official Cheer.

Too fast. The link is http://www.lileks.com.

More like the skankiest man alive. So much hate on that page, and so many homophobic slurs pepper that site. I truly wonder why so much sophomoric ‘humor’ has to base itself on slurring others.

This Bob Barr site never fails to bring tears to my eyes, no matter how many times I’ve read it.

Obviously, if you’re a conservative you probably won’t find it so funny :smiley:

Oh, get over yourself Hastur. Not everyone is after the gay man. Remove the pirate hook from your ass and readjust your butt donut.

Homophobic? guess you missed his campaign against fagwatch.com

Cough[sub]Sig line[/sub]Cough

I’d say that my two favorite websites of all time are:

  1. bad-candy.com
  2. thespark.com

I nearly pee my pants when I read the stuff on bad-candy.

These sites may not be intentionally funny, but are a hoot nethertheless…
well actually they are disturbing.

I know this has been cited before here but is worth repeating
“Asian Prince”

"A psychological study of President William Jefferson Clinton "

This one is just … ewww
(I think this site is down now)

Wow, that wasn’t appropriate for the BBQ Pit at all.

Get over your own self.

Calling people “fags” and “homos” as he does on his website is homophobic.


Really makes you look at pants in a whole new way.