What's the furthest you've travelled for a job interview?

Several years ago, when I lived in the UK, a friend of mine went for a job interview in Switzerland. That sounded pretty outlandish, but at least she managed to the whole thing in a day (but didn’t get the job, alas).

I no longer live in the UK, I transplanted to Texas. This morning I found out that I have an interview for a new job. It’s in Abu Dhabi. That’s nine time zones or over 8,000 miles :eek: for a two hour interview.

What’s your personal best?

Los Angeles to Boston (I didn’t get the job) is my personal longest.

Mine is from Newcastle, NSW, to Washington, DC.

A small college in CA actually paid for me to travel out there from the east coast to interview for their fundraising office. For some reason I took the job…it should have been a sign that their priorities were a bit misplaced, really: usually that kind of outlay is reserved for looking for the head of the office, not middle-management types. I didn’t last a year, although other issues were involved.

North Carolina to Los Angeles.

A guy once traveled from Philadelphia to a small town in northern Spain to interview me. He was already in Europe for other stuff and for some reason didn’t want to do a phone interview. He would have disregarded my candidacy without a second look based on my being from Spain, too, only his team had threatened with Hell, Damnation and the anger of several Jewish mothers if he didn’t hire me yesterday… (promotion from “lab tech, weekend shift, currently on loan to implement SAP at her factory” to “internal worker in SAP consultants team”).

After he’d hired me and the whole team got reorganized, I traveled from Strasbourg to Philadelphia to meet my newer new boss, but it’s not like she had a choice about taking me or not.
The most I’ve traveled for an interview was from northern Spain to Paris; twice in six weeks, actually (first one was for a consulting job and the team leader tried, very sloppily, to get into my pants after insulting my professionality in front of the clients - who wanted to hire me on the spot; second one was for a gaming company as a translator and I still want that life-sized orc statue they had on the hall).

I once flew from San Francisco to New York for an interview. They paid my travel expenses. However, I didn’t get the job.


Flying, at their expense, NC to Houston (didn’t get the job) and NC to Oklahoma City (got the job).

Driving, at my expense, NC to Houston twice and NC to Oklahoma City once (struck out all three times).

I once took the train all the way up to Rockville Centre! That’s like, practically the north pole.

I got the job, but quit a few months later because the commute from Queens was murder.

Knoxville to Las Vegas. Got to spend the night. Had fun, turned them down.

Pittsburgh, PA to Laredo, TX. Unfortunately, I got the job.

San Francisco to New Zealand. I was going backpacking in NZ and folded the interview into my trip. It wasn’t quite what I was interested in or I’d probably still be down there :smiley:

Baltimore to Laredo. I turned the job down.

Tokyo to Singapore, on their dime. The VPs were in Asia for a trade show.

Got the job.

Powell, WY to Albany GA.

I got the job.

60 miles for a 7 hr interview which included a test. I got the job. Would have been nice if the company stayed in the US market. Terrible time to be looking for work.

Dallas to Phoenix. Technically, Orlando to Phoenix but I was going to Dallas anyway.

Sydney to Melbourne. About 700km.

A company once paid for my wife and me to travel from the Boston area to Salinas CA to interview her for a job.

They didn’t make an offer but it was a nice trip.

Chicago to Los Angeles in March 2005. Job offered, I declined.