What's the highest mileage a car has had when you've picked it up for rental?

I had to rent a car for business last week. It was from Enterprise - rarely my first choice but more conveniently located than the airport rental places.

When I got there (9 AM, not insanely late in the day) they only had 2 cars available for rental, and really could only give me one of those two, as apparently there’s a policy that rentals for the Government must start out with a full tank of gas.

So I got in the car, and it had 49,800 miles! I easily took it over 50K, as my trip was pretty long. I wasn’t thrilled to be taking such a heavily driven car, but especially since 1) it had what looked like the original tires, which had some scary-looking cracks on the sides and not a whole lot of tread left - I had good weather, but who knows how it would have done in rain, and 2) it was registered in New York, so I could see the inspection sticker on the windshield, which had expired in June.

The car, a 2010 Dodge Avenger, was dinged up, noisy (one weird noise came from the driver’s door), and smelly. I would have gotten a less worn-out car from Rent-A-Wreck.

Has anyone else gotten a rental car with this much, or more, mileage?

Wow - 50k miles on a rental. Don’t they usually just keep them for a year or two and then get rid of them? But I suppose if it was a 2010, they would still be within that window.

I rented an Avenger once or twice. Nice enough car, but visibility was kinda poor, IMO.

Anyway, once I rented a Cavalier… I forget the mileage - probably around 20k or so. The motor was just… tired. I wasn’t expecting 5000 mile car pep, but it sure was sluggish for 20k miles.

I wonder if each branch can manage their car retentions as they please? The airports would see higher turnover, so they may be able to toss aside a car more easily and more quickly than a random Enterprise - in my experience those separate car rental facilities only have a relative handful of cars vs the hundreds at an airport.

In college, I rented an “econo” car with unlimited mileage for 5 days (to go to Mardi Gras) using Priceline, or some similar dealmaker, but when I showed up they only had a Grand Prix available with 22 miles on the odometer! They tried everything possible to void the contract, but we called the main company line and they commanded the local office to honor it. We returned it with 4300 miles on it. We’d gone to New Orleans, Miami, D.C., and NYC and if I remember correctly, 19 states driven in.

So nope, I’ve never seen anything like 50k miles and 12-18k is probably more likely the highest I’ve seen, but I have seen one car that was returned with nearly 200-fold increase in mileage!

Earlier this year I rented a Nissan sedan (don’t remember the exact model though) that had 74,000 miles on it. But it was from a mom-and-pop place, instead of a major rental company. It ran fine, though it was a little dinged up.

However, it’s pretty that I get rental that has more than 30,000 miles on it.

Wow, 50k is a TON of miles for a rental.

I rented one from Enterprise in Hawaii just last month that had over 28,000 on it. And let me tell you they were HARD miles.

What a piece of junk that thing was…

And on the flip side, we recently rented a van from U-Haul that had under 100 miles on it!

Go figure.

We rented a Focus from Enterprise a couple of weeks ago for the drive from DC to Ocean City. It had something like 35k on it. That was a very tiring three hour drive.

It’s very common to get high mileage vehicles from Enterprise, ime. I think that’s why they’re often cheaper than other car rental companies.

I’m pretty sure I’ve rented a car from the local rent-a-wreck with over 100,000 miles.

The local office of the company I work for rents mainly from Enterprise. It does seem that the neighborhood outlets such as the one we use tend to have higher-mileage vehicles than the airport locations. If I were to guess, however, average mileage of the vehicles seems to be around 20,000. I don’t recall ever getting any over 35K, and most are well under 30K.

One thing I don’t get, however, is why so many rentals have weird-smelling interiors, usually poorly covered up by some cloying air freshener. What the hell do people carry in those things, anyway?

I’ve been known to put as many as 2,000 miles on a relatively new rental over just a week, paying less than $20/day for the car. The rental company was losing a lot of money renting to me, and I felt a bit guilty about it. As long as the car I get doesn’t break down or require me to get maintenance done on it, I don’t mind getting a higher mileage vehicle that isn’t in pristine condition.

Thirty-some thousand miles. It was the last car off of an Enterprise lot on the northwest side of Chicago a couple years ago. The car was in rough shape overall, but the most annoying thing was finding an ashtray full of cigarette butts and ashes – after I had just signed a release allowing them to charge me for detailing (maybe $200?) if they found evidence of smoking in their smoke-free vehicle.

Oh, and to top it off, there was a buck knife in the glove box. Strange.