What's the ideal gym padlock?

So I joined a gym. You have to bring your own padlock. What’s a good padlock to use?


I use one of these:

This one, if you forget the combo, you can go home and get the key.


I say “any,” but then my padlock only has to safeguard my pants and gym bag, which are weakly prized and yet heavily insured. If you’re planning on stashing ingots while you Zumba, you’ll probably want something robust enough to waylay Oddjob until you can show up and brain him with a kettlebell.

An interesting new design has a center button that slides up/down/left/right instead of a combination dial or a lock cylinder. The sequence of slide movements is settable, so you can choose your own combination.

I’m going to also go with “any”. The only question is if you want one with a key that you can lose or a combination you can forget.

I just use a little suitcase combo lock- cheap, lightweight and I’ve got a dozen of them laying around.

Interesting. Looks like it’d be an easy one-handed operation, and quick too.

I picked up a cheap combination lock at Target. No worries about having to keep track of a key.

Don’t get a TSA lock. They are TSA approved because they can be opened with a master key, which has been leaked on the internet.

I see these all the time, but they only work until a criminal goes to the gym. Most people at the gym won’t steal anything even if you leave your locker wide open. But the criminals will look for these easy targets and will pop the lock with a screwdriver or small lock cutter.

I had my stuff stolen from my locked locker and couldn’t figure out how they did it. Then I looked up on YouTube how to pick the lock I had. The lock seemed sturdy, but there was a small flaw which made it trivially easy to find the combo. I had used that lock for years, but all it took was one criminal to open it up.

I just use one I think I got from Walgreens. Maybe Target. It’s just a regular combination lock with a dial and no key. Never had a problem with it.

Please share what that lock is so we know what to avoid. A link would be great. Thanks.

My gym claims there are more thefts from combination-locked lockers than from key-locked ones. Not sure if that’s true, or if they’re just sick of having to cut off the locks of forgetful patrons.

I actually found a combination lock which has letters instead of numbers, which for some reason I have a MUCH easier time remembering. I got it at Target.

In this lock, there was a notch on the hole where the shackle went into the lock. So rather than being a complete circle, there was a part which had a square notch, almost how a keyhole looks. This lock had 4 wheels on the side which could be set to a custom combo. The flaw was that there was a way to put a pin down the notch and turn the wheels in a way to get the lock to open. I can’t remember the brand of lock. If you search for “how to pick <insert lock model>”, you’ll find if your lock is easy to pick.

What the thief did in my case was take just one credit card from my wallet, left everything else, and relocked my locker. I didn’t noticed until the next day when the CC company called me about some odd charges.