What's my locker combination?

No, really…what is it? I certainly don’t remember anymore.

I used it several times a week about 2 years ago when I was at a gym. I recently stumbled across it in a drawer and now I can’t remember the code. I think there was an 18 and possible a 20. I remember none of the 3 numbers were in sequential order, and the last two were somewhat close to each other in the dial. I’ve tried some random guesses, nothing took.

I bought at a CVS, so it’s a standard, ordinary lock. CCW-CW-CCW rotation.

I promise to try every combo suggested here…and I’ll send a prize to the winner!


I’m to lazy to open (yet) another browser window or I’d link it for you, but there is a video up on youtube and/or metacafe showing how to open those combo locks. Good luck.

I have dreams where I go back to high school and I can’t remember my locker combination.

Same here, and also ones where I can’t figure out how to get into my mailbox at college, and there’s important stuff in there.
24-36-12. Worth a try.



There’s a lock somewhere around my house with the combination 37-17-39. I have no idea why I can remember that but forget to send my very own brother a birthday card when he turned 51…

I know a method for opening cheap combination locks, but I think the mods may not like a detailed description of such things. I’m sure there are websites out there.


Nope. Haha

Nope. Was that your combo in high school?


No, no sequential numbers.


Nope. Maybe cause I don’t have your lock.

Not that one either.


Eventually, you’ll get it open

Just keep track of where you are when you want to open it the next time.

Your birthday forwards, backwards, swap days and months, go through family members in that routine, start again with date in yy-mm-dd format, then mix it up (mom’s year, your month etc). Significant dates - left school, lost virginity, friend birthdays?


Look for Post-It notes with enigmatic writing on. Do you have a false bottom on one of your shoes? A gap in your roof where - on a significant solstice - the sun strikes a loose tile?


Have you left a tap dripping in cunning fashion in order to make a message like this?

Locker have the old fashioned dial that jump when you pass the critical number, especially if you pull back on the lock. When they have trouble, head janitors just drill through the mechanism and it falls apart. If you do that, make sure your hand is not where the drill will go when things slip or break apart. New lock mechanisms cost about the same as padlocks.

Ignore that. I just re-read the OP and you aren’t talking about a locker combination but a lock combination.

4-20-69… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see why. We already had a thread about it, assuming we’re talking about the same technique.


That was mine … at least, I think it was. The last number might have been 26.


I didn’t know the legalities of discussing how to open a lock without knowing the combination.

Anyway, my technique is to pull slightly on the shackle and listen as you turn the dial. When you hit the correct number you can hear it click. It doesn’t work so well on Master locks, because they have a mechanism that stops the dial from turning if you pull on the shackle.