What's the joke? (Confusing line in Gone Girl the novel)

So I’m reading Gone Girl and maybe it’s just because it’s almost 4 am, but I’m just not getting what the point or punchline is in this quote:

“I specialize in trim work, he’d say, and wait for you to get the joke. If you didn’t laugh, he’d explain it.”

Context: the character claiming a speciality in trim work has been a house painter every summer since high school. He’s described as an odd-job stoner and a failed baseball player.

Google has not been helpful.

“Trim” is slang for…um…ladies, I guess is the polite way of saying it. “Pussy” if you want to not be polite.

See, that right there is the perfect username/post combination.

Funny story, many years ago I tried to use this nickname on a website and was denied. When I contacted them to find out why, the Customer service rep checked and her system told her it was rejected due to being vulgar. And it was that day, together, via Google, that I and a random customer service rep learned what Quim means in England.

FWIW the name has nothing to do with that :slight_smile:

I always thought it was a Simpsons thing.

I figured. The juxtaposition just amused me. :wink:

No not that either. It was a nickname I had in High School based on a line from a very obscure movie. When I came on line in College in the 90s I used it for e-mail addresses and the like.

Ah, okay! I was clearly overthinking the whole thing. Thanks everyone!