What's the keystroke to insert page break in AppleWorks?

I’m a Mac newbie. Although I absolutely love my iMac G5, and most things are very intuitive, there’s one thing I can’t easily figure out.

What keystroke should be pressed to insert a page break in AppleWorks? It’s AppleWorks 6, if that makes a difference.

Next to the menu selection, there is a little icon that is supposed to clearly demonstrate what the keystroke is. It looks like an up-arrow (which is probably shift), and then a caret with a hat on it (no clue what that means)

Shift-enter for a page break, option-enter for a section break, or simply enter for a column break. Unless you have multiple columns or sections on one page, they should all be functionally the same.

Ah, cool…it works!

Apparently ‘return’ and ‘enter’ (on the numeric keypad) are different, because shift-enter works, but shift-return does not. Never would have guessed.

Thank you!!

The way I remember the “option” glyph (I think you described it as “the carat with a hat on it”) is to imagine a switch on a rail line – the stub on the upper-left side has the option of connecting to either the stub on the upper-right or the lower-right.

Drove me nuts trying to remember that symbol until I learned that trick…

That’s a great way to remember the option glyph…I hadn’t thought of that.

The “caret with a hat on it” glyph I was referring to, though, is different…it turned out to be the enter key. Here is a screen grab showing the glyph in question, appearing for all three of these menu shortcuts in Appleworks.

I haven’t seen this symbol outside of AppleWorks…must not be very commonly used.