What's The Least Number of Home Runs Hit By A World-Series Winning Team?

The Washington Nationals are in first place in the NL East, despite having hit only 60 home runs this year.

What’s the least number of home runs hit in season by the team that eventually won the World Series?

The 1906 chicago White Sox, who totalled 7 HR all season.

For the Expansion Era, The 1982 St. Louis Cardinals won it all with just 67 HR.

Ah, Whiteyball. That team couldn’t hit a ball 450 feet, but they could all hit a fly ball and then run to catch it. They stole 200 bases that year.

Those White Sox, by the way, were known as “The Hitless Wonders,” and their World Seris victory came at the expense of a Cubs team that had set a modern record for victories in a season that still stands to this day: 116.

The 2001 Seattle Mariners also won 116 games.

The difference there being that the 1906 Cubs only played 152 games making their winning percentage .763.

The Mariners played 162 games making their record 116 and 46 (.716).

That, and the fact that the Mariners didn’t get to play for the WS.