What's the least painless way to commit suicide?

…I’m not really contemplating it, I just wanted to see what folks think…

My guess would be a successful gunshot to the head or a huge dose of pills (large quantity of sleeping pills and opiates).

Burning to death in a frying pan.

ETA: Hydrofluoric acid poisoning is supposed to be excruciatingly painful.

Nitpick: Wouldn’t you rather use the most painless method? The least painless method is going to hurt a lot.

It seems like a gunshot would be quite painful, if only for a second. Sleeping pills are maybe OK, but I’m thinking if you took a shitload, you’d feel really crappy before you died.

Again, I’m not even remotely considering it, and I’m fine…I’m just morbidly curious…

…and yeah, beowulff, I’m curious about the non-painful…

My guess would be accidentally impaling yourself on something sticking out of the ground/water after you’ve jumped off a building or bridge. If you’re not lucky enough to land on your head, I imagine you’d have a few moments of intense pain before you bled out.

Atomic bomb. From orbit.

Inducing a dental abscess, then allowing it to develop into septicemia would be exquisitely painful, I think.

Uh… guys… I think the OP misspoke.
I think the real question is ‘what is the least painful way to commit suicide’.

My answer would be “at the age of 131, en coitus, in the throes of an orgasm, shot in the back of the head by a jealous husband”.

That has ALWAYS been my preferred method.

Overdose on heroin and benzos, that would be my guess.

You could commit murder in Texas. Lethal injection is alleged to be painless.

Being struck by an antimatter asteroid traveling at relativistic velocity.

{I win}

It’s how to commit suicide, not how to die.

Speak for yourself, I have connections.:smiley:

You could always coat yourself with eggwash, dredge yourself in a cornmeal coating, then lightly saute yourself (plenty of cajun spices) in peanut oil, all in front of John Goodman, who has been restrained from eating anything for over 45 minutes…

My vote is to OD on heroin as well. May as well go out on a huge euphoric rush.

For a more mundane way, carbon monoxide I suppose. You just fall asleep and wake up dead.

Any well-stocked welding shop is capable of selling you a bottle of carbon monoxide. They won’t, unless you have a legitimate use for it.

Mine too!
On an upstroke!


Not that hard to make your own, from what I hear. :wink: