what's the longest running band?

is it King Crimson? i was in my record store today and noticed they started in the 60s and have released new stuff in 2001. is this a record?

The Carter Family, perhaps?

The Carter Family is a tough sell, since they gave up on music for years at a time over their long reign. From what I gather from UBL.com, they officially started playing around 1915 and came and went until around 1956, but dates are hard to pin down. They seem to have disbanded for up to 9 years at a time, which makes ranking them on top a bit sketchy. What really constitutes being “a band”?

Sticking with UBL.com, King Crimson formed in 1967, while Pink Floyd formed in 1964. In the rock world at least, can anyone beat Floyd?

Sure: Rolling Stones, January 1963.

The Swinging Blue Jeans were formed in 1959. There on at Pwllheli 17th November.

Yep…gotta be the Stones

Still around and still recording (though not that I would want them to be…They have not released anything overtly good since the Some Girls Album in 78 IMHO)

I would say second longest would be the Grateful Dead.

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And what would the date be for the running of the band. When they formed (all members?) First record deal, gig, or what?

Fred Waring’s Pennsylvanians started in the late 20’s; are they still touring?

Benny Goodman’s Band started earlier than that, but he died five years ago and hadn’t played with them in quite a while.

Hmmph. You kids and your rock and roll. You think you invented music? Bah!

Well, the Mills Brothers are still touring and recording and their first hit song was in 1931.


Four Freshmen have been touring since 1948, but the current lineup has none of the original members.

A lot of 50s rock groups are still touring, too.