What's the medical term for having a stick up your ass removed?

Tell him he suffers from opticorectalsclerosis: His optic nerve is crossed with his rectal nerve, giving him a shitty outlook on life.

Sounds like if this guy went to get a splinter removed, that would qualify as removing a stick from an asshole.

Some would say that he’s branching out

In my day the cause of a shitty outlook was an Ocular Rectal Fistula.

This thread is Classic dope!

In zombie comedy, timing is everything.

Kelp is so 2002.

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Do zombies ever shove things up their rear ends?

The ICD-10 code, used in medical billing, for a foreign body in the rectum is T18.5XXA.

ICD-9 was still in use when this thread was started.

recto-scipio exportatum

As opposed miscelleous related expressions:
recto-cranial insertion
recto-cranial inversion
recto-fossal ambiguity

Did you know that the plural of “fax” is “feces”?
Xerox was the Greek god of reproduction…

rectal xylotomy?
rectal xylectomy?

Basswood disimpaction