What's the most cherished object you've destroyed?

What’s the most cherished inanimate object you’ve ever destroyed?

About 6 months ago, I was struggling to fit something in my trunk, so I took my backpack out and laid it on the ground. Minutes later, I hopped in my car and started to back out of the driveway.


Hmm, what was that thump? Eh, not important…


Oh shit!

Fortunately, my CD player, CDs, graphing calculator, headphones, and books were not damaged. It was a miracle. But my blue Jansport backpack was no more. Sniff :frowning:

Oh yeah, animate objects you’ve destroyed belong in a different, more perverted thread.

well, this is shallow, but…

I have a “life-size” ceramic “Nipper,” the RCA dog. Found him at the swapmeet for a song. He sits next to my chair in my studio.
Somehow, the handset to my phone fell off the shelf and busted ol’ Nipper’s knee…now there’s a big hole in his leg.
…might have to take him out back and shoot him. ::sob::

I was 18 years old. I got the car for a sinfully low price because the owner (a 19 year old) died of cancer and his family didn’t want it around. I loved that car. I always have & still do love 'Tangs, but I loved that car more than any car I’ve ever had! Then I had to much to drink and smashed it up. I didn’t get nailed for DWI because the deputy who showed up at the accident scene saw me weeping over my smashed up masterpiece and felt sorry for me.(Absolutely true story, I swear to God!!!). Luckily no humans were hurt. Don’t drink and drive folks. Listen to me! DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!

Once I was absolutely pissed at my brother and so I took this statuette I had (like a glass or china one or whatever… it was a little girl and it was kinda cute) and I threw it at my brother… it missed him and landed against the wall smashing into so many peices it couldn’t be put back together… terrible thing childish rages… terrible thing…

One time I flew into a fit of rage and tore one of my own drawings in half.

Needless to say, I stood there for maybe ten minutes staring at these two pieces of paper, trying to control my sanity. Didn’t work :smiley:

My girlfriend’s heart… hold on cherished, most things are replaceable, the no point in crying over spilt milk philosophy.

My brain!

All the drugs and alcohol.


Wasn’t exactly precious except to me and I suppose I lost it rather than destroying it. It was a Mr. Rusty (the guy who turns The Magic Roundabout) model I used to have as a kid. I carried him about everywhere (used to call him ‘Whiskers’) so I guess it was inevitable that I would lose him some day.

I did spend hours looking everywhere, but no sign…he just disappeared back to the Roundabout I guess.

Someone else destroyed my guitar (this is when I’m all grown up BTW :slight_smile: ), by jumping into the boot (trunk) of a car while it was lying there. It wasn’t a deliberate thing; there was no room in the car for him, he wanted a lift to the party, so he went in the boot, not realising I’d left my guitar there. The neck was snapped. That was depressing.

Nearly forgot. Happy ending to the Mr Rusty story. About a week later I was sick and confined to bed. The family went out to a jumble sale and when my sister got back, she had a model Dougal that she’d bought for me. Joy!

Oh, my breaking heart! My dad had one of these. It was dark green and it looked like a frog, and I LOVED that wonderful car. Papa sold it a while back to some dude who needed parts. Parts!?! ::sob::

1972 must have been a good year
White 1972 Mini 1000 with brakes that I intended to fix that weekend.

In a fit of prepubescent rage I destroyed the flower arrangement I had carried in my mother’s wedding - I had dried it out to keep it for sentimentality. Ah, the insanity of 13 yr. olds.

The entire back half of our circa 1830’s farmhouse. This included the kitchen, pantry, two back porches, and my late grandparents’ bedroom. During the 1970’s I spent many a happy childhood hour there helping grandmother cook dinner and sitting on the kitchen porch drinking those little 6 oz. bottles of Co’Cola while breathing in the wisteria and waving to the neighbors as they rode past with their mule (yep, mule!) team. But it was getting dilapidated and it had to go. I helped tear out the flooring and relocate the ancient vines until I lost heart and fled in tears. Yes, R-n-R is a wussette.

Ah, progress!

On second thought, screw progress!

I kid you not, but my blue blanket. I carried the thing everywhere when I was a kid, except Kindergarten. The day before first grade started my father started in on remarks about how babyish it was, and what would everyone think at school if they knew I had a baby blanket and so forth. He kept at me until I was so humiliated I ran out into the kitchen and stuffed my blanket into the trash, and broke into tears. Even now, at 33, I can remember that day vividly.

I accidently broke the gravy boat that went to an old set of dishes (Franciscan?) that I inherited from my mother… sad, sad day.

A week after my father died, I was putting my son to bed, and we were (ok, I was) talking about Granddaddy. Dad lived 150 miles away, and we hadn’t seen him in a few months, so I asked my son if he remembered Granddaddy. He answered “Yes, he gave me my scooter.”

Guess what I backed over in my truck that night…


Ahh yes. I’m amazed at the rages I got into at that age. (But then I was also living with a horrible brother and my parents were divorcing etc etc) I once nearly destroyed the tv over a fight with my brother. I was very close to it too before I stopped.

My soul


About 8 years ago or so, Lego released a series of pirate legos complete with sailing ships and fortresses. I had both the pirate ship with 3 red sails and another ship with 2 blue sails. I figured I was getting too old for legos and I completely destroyed both ships. A couple years later, I regretted destroying the ships as I became less mature. I miss my legos.


Which is why I have a cute Lego biplane (with a spinning propeller!) suspended from my ceiling fan with fishing wire. :slight_smile: