What's the most interesting car you saw today?

3 wheeled car, 2 in front 1 in the back. It has no roof. I think it might be classified as a motorcycle.

Was it a Polaris Slingshot?

I was going to guess it was a Kia Rio, by Japan Japan.

Yes, I know. Go with me, here.

I think it was the slingshot

A Hyundai Venue, never seen one before.

I drove my '66 MGB a mile down the beach to the brand-new brew pub. I parked next to a red ('70s? '80s?) Alfa Romeo Spider. :sunglasses:

A bunch of them this weekend:

  • A Porsche Taycan Turbo electric car in stop-and-go traffic on the way home
  • Two pristine Model Ts, one a touring car and one a delivery truck, parked in front of a B&B
  • A beautiful Model A Roadster for sale on someone’s front lawn
  • A 1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire, parked in front of a mobile home, with a For Sale sign and the license plate “Teena”
  • A purple 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible cruising down the highway

69 Chevelle. My brother had one in the 70s. They go for $32k and up now

I went out to run a quick errand today, and while at a red light I caught a quick glimpse of a DeLorean turning the corner is front of me.

Good day today. On my morning run I first saw a Rolls Royce Wraith headed into Harvard Square. Just a two door but a huge car. Then, just to hammer home the contrast, I saw a Citroën 2CV cruising down Soldiers Field Road.

Yesterday I saw a 1930’s convertible touring car, probably headed to ferry a bride and groom at a wedding. But I don’t know enough about them to identify the make and model.

A 1938 Packard roadster. Mighty spiffy, old sport. Example linked.

Not interesting, per se, but I saw my first ever “beater” '57 Chevrolet Bel Air today. Sad to see it in that condition, really. Almost all examples that I have seen are in pristine condition.

I saw a pristine ‘90s-era Lotus Esprit yesterday. They really are small. I had forgotten how small until I stood next to it.

There seems to be a growing number of car enthusiasts who prefer to preserve an old car’s “patina” over restoring it to better than new condition*. Their philosophy is to make an old car roadworthy, but to keep the old, original paint, cosmetic flaws and all. I think the idea is to show the full history of the car with decades of wear and tear, rather than turning it into some sterile museum piece. And they get to claim that the car is completely original and unrestored.

Or it could just be someone’s project that’s still a work in progress.

*As a side note, I say “better than new” because from what I’ve read quality control in Detroit in the 1950s wasn’t very good. It wasn’t uncommon for a piece of trim to be installed a bit crooked, or to have doors that didn’t quite line up, on a brand new car. When people restore cars they end up fixing these flaws, and end up making the car actually better than it was when it was new.

An absolutely mint alpine white 1989 BMW 635csi. It looked like it was brand new and I had a hard time not running off the road.

A buddy and I each had one in the early 80’s. My buddy built the engine up a bit. Headers, high compression and such. He got tee-boned by an AMC Matador. He and the engine survived so we put his engine in my car. It was quite fun to zip around in.

1964 Chevrolet with a 1964 Indiana license plate reading “DON’S 64”. Obviously a reproduction plate, but I didn’t see a current one when I walked by the car as it was stopped at a light.

A 1948 or 49 Packard Deluxe Touring car that lives around here. It needs a paint job and some body work, but it gets driven around here a lot.

I saw a Mercedes S-class the other day that had the licence plate “S CLASS”. OK, OK, we know already.

That reminds me of cars that have big ‘Powered by’ stickers on their windshields, like a Honda Civic with ‘Powered by HONDA’. I’m always like, ‘Really? Huh. I thought it was powered by Pratt & Whitney.’

But speaking of self-defining license plates, I used to see an old, blue Volvo wagon when I lived in L.A. The plates were BLU VOVO. I always liked that one. (And the Honda Prelude with PLAYRUD, and some other car with AU GHOTI.)