What's the most interesting thing you've ever done?

I’ve done a few things that could possibly qualify as interesting. I’ve played elephant polo. Moved to the other side of the planet with only US$1000 to my name and made a go of it (okay, that’s more than $200). As a young buck in West Texas, I went skydiving a few times (static line only). Made a fly-by of mount Everest (that was only about $100, but you already have to be in Kathmandu). Visited the lava fields on the Big Island of Hawaii. Backpacked around Europe for half a summer, at which time I passed through Checkpoint Charlie.

I snorkeled around a bunch of stingrays in those parts once. Elegant creatures. I also spotted a larval moray eel and followed it for a while, which was no easy feat.

I’ve done a fair bit of whitewater canoeing, which is generally pretty cheap, but somewhat demanding, physically.

I’ve also picked a lock while hanging upside down by my knees from cargo netting and engaged in sword fights with a great many anime characters, but those are somewhat more specialized undertakings.

Chopper flight over and into the Grand Canyon was interesting and cool.

Skydiving with my daughter for her 21st

Snorkeling the Great barrier Reef.

By the ground rules, solving two rather difficult mathematical problems doesn’t count.

So I have to fall back on baseball. Two things.

On June 21, 1964, I saw a perfect game, pitched by Jim Bunning for the Phillies against the Mets at Shea, the first game of a doubleheader.

Aug. 23, 2009, Phillies vs. Mets again in Citi Field, the game ended in an unassisted triple play by Eric Bruntlett, only the second game in the entire history of MLB that ended that way and only the 15th UTP.

They would be too numerous for me to even try to sort through all of them in my life. But a very recent one was last summer, when I took the 3-day ro-ro ferry across the Black Sea from Odessa, Ukraoine, to Batumi, Georgia. Definitely not a cruise ship, there was absolutely nothing to do except wait for the dinner bell three times a day. The meals were wonderful – Ukrainian ladies in the galley cooking up home-cooked meals, with enough portions for about 50 passengers, many of them truck drivers avoiding driving through Russia between Ukraine and the middle east. No wifi, no cell phone coverage, so a rare chance to go three days without hearing a celllphone ring or people shouting mindlessly into one. The high point was being buzzed a couple times at very low altitude by armed Russian fighter jets, off Russian-occupied Crimea, not belligerent, just making sure the ship was who it said it was.

I have no memories of anything actually normal from my childhood, and they compete for “least normal”.

Being backstage at the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey Circus when my dad was Ringmaster on Ronald McDonald Night was pretty interesting. Watching him out in the driveway teaching someone to breath fire was as well. And my whole career as a ventriloquist was interesting (if sad). Oh, and our cabin at the nudist camp probably qualifies as “interesting.”

And when are you publishing your biography? Because I would so read that.

When I was younger I drove around the west to visit all the National Parks, sleeping in the back of my pickup, on one trip.

I have ridden my bike down the Pacific Coast, in several trips.

Traveled around Europe doing the backpacker thing for a couple months, solo.

Those are all over $200, tho.

A bit more than the limit, but I spent $350 to ride in a Hot-air balloon.

At dawn.

Over the Masai Maru in Kenya.

With the great herds of East Africa spread below me.

I think that qualifies.

Parasailing behind a ski boat on Bay Lake out of the marina at the Contemporary Hotel. Ran about $85 bucks with a coupon, and lasted 12 minutes. Got high enough that I could look over the Contemporary Hotel at the Magic Kingdom, and was at eye level with a flock of birds over Discovery Island.
Never got wet. They have you stand on the stern of the boat, and the parachute lifts you right off as soon as the boat gets a little bit of speed. They winch you back down, and you just end up standing where you started from.
Possibly the most quiet and peaceful thing you can do at Disney.:slight_smile:

Given the cost limitations in the OP, this is mine, too. If anyone is ever in the Caymans and wants to do a stingray/reef tour, I strongly recommend ToursCayman. I don’t usually shill things on the Dope but they were a third ($35 per person) of the cost of the tours the cruise lines recommend, and yet much better. I liked them so much I signed up for TripAdvisor just to write a review.

The rays at Stingray City off Grand Cayman are (as the name implies) southern stingrays, not manta rays. I don’t think manta rays “flock” that way.

Probably diving the Blue Hole. Sharks, lot’s and lot’s of sharks.

Ah yeah, parasailing. I’ve done that twice – once in the Gulf of Thailand and once in the Andaman Sea.

Judging by outside interest, it was my road trip from Ottawa to Edmonton in December, 2008.

Hands down, it was the three years I spent working in the Everglades.

Without that experience, I wouldn’t have anything to talk about. I wouldn’t have any bonafides that I’m a badass, despite my weakling appearance.

We’ve led stunningly boring lives, I see - though there’s still a bit of time to remedy it.

I guess the most interesting thing we ever did - and it was more than 200 dollars - was a cross-country driving trip when we were in our mid-20s. A month off. 3 heavy driving days at the beginning to get to Colorado, then alternately mooching off of friends, camping, and the occasional motel stay, ended with 5 heavy driving days at the end. Pike’s Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park, Grand Teton, Yellowstone, Mount Rainier, the Oregon and northern California coast, giant redwoods, Berkeley and San Francisco… a lifetime of memories in that trip and ever since, I’ve been hungering for sufficient free time and sufficient cash to do it again only longer (and maybe without the tent-camping bit - at my age I could manage a small RV).

So… “instant glue”? What you had there son, was ghetto napalm. Two thumbs down to not indiscriminately setting all sorts of random shit on fire with it, and instead using it to steal books from the library.

The most interesting thing I’ve done that falls within the definition of the OP?

I once drove blindfolded at Abbott’s Magic Get-Together.

This convention is held in Colon, MI, which is a tiny little village in SW Michigan. It was totally impromptu setup (meaning no clearing it with law enforcement and not on the schedule of official convention events ). So I’m driving around the tiny village at about 10 mph so that people can see us when I hear a voice from behind me yelling, “Stop! Stop!” It was a Colon village policeman on a bicycle.

As I am sitting there thinking what the penalty would be for a “Wreckless Driving” charge, the officer says, “Take off the blindfold.”

I say, “Yes, sir,” and remove the blindfold.

Then the officer drove off!

All of us that were in the car all freaked out afterwards!

My year in Gitmo? My year in Iraq? I don’t know. Both were just work. Maybe it was going to see Roger Waters do The Wall in Berlin right after the wall fell. The next day we found a piece of the wall still up and chiseled off a piece for each of us. It cost whatever the price of the ticket was.

In Gitmo? Or at Gitmo?