What's the most interesting thing you've ever found/seen in the road?

Friend of mine found a cell phone once. I saw pretty big package today on the left shoulder but I was doing 70 mph on a four lane. Looked like it might have some goodies in it. Guess I won’t ever know.

When I was about 10 my friends and I found a lumpy sleeping bag at the side of the road that was all zipped up. My cousin opened it, and inside was a dead dog!!! I was totally grossed out and had nightmares for awhile after that.

An knee-down artificial leg complete with red and white Addias sneaker in the center devide. My GF suggested that some hapless motorcyclist arrived home, throttled down, tried to plant the kickstand and… “Crap!”

Once while walking in the highlands I found a little guy, maybe two and half feet tall, dressed very archaically in bright green from head to toe, with vivid red hair and an almost impenetrable Irish accent. He was lying across a rock, and his presence certainly explained the unearthly singing I’d heard while coming up the hill - he unquestionably had a smell of the spirits about him, too. I’m pretty sure it was vodka. It took me a while to get him to waken up completely, but when he did he started trying to engage me in a business deal whereby I’d get the rights to Lucky Charms cereal in exchange for ten pounds and a packet of cigarettes, plus a ride on my back to the nearest off-licence. I left him where he was, lying on his back singing, dancing a kind of maniacal Riverdance, his feet among the stars.

I knew the Thatcher administration had ruined some major industries, but I’d no idea it had gone that far.

In the middle lane of three laned Insterstate 94 at about 15 minutes until dark. A wishing well that fell off a vehicle, and hitting it would do more damage than a dear. To remove it off the road would have been suicide.

I found an official Denver Broncos SuperBowl football lying on the side of I-25, south of Denver.

Pulled over, picked it up, went to their practice facility (which was abot a mile from my office) got it signed by Terrell Davis and John Elway. It sits in my closet, covered and untouched by light :slight_smile:

  • Across the middle of the Motorway (Freeway) that surrounds London on a rainy, very windy night, a friggin great three-seat sofa. Presumably it had just detached itself from a roof or truck otherwise the housing crisis is even greater than I thought.

  • On the two-lane (each way with a sturdy crash barrier between sides) flyover section of the Motorway leading to Heathrow at 3.00am; headlights coming towards me – joint speed 120 ish. The bloody idiots had just spun the car around for fun and were working out what to do next.

  • On a three lane section; a car containing three girls that had hit the outside curb on the other side, spun over the barrier and was still rolling across in front of me…that was the most difficult: Traffic behind, judging when the car would stop turning, avoiding debris and pulling over to the hard shoulder without causing more problems. It was a mess and the driver later died.
    Happy motoring, everyone !

Sure Ross. :rolleyes:

A leprechaun that drinks vodka. Whatever… :wink:

My youngest son and I were driving to Alabama [we live in Atlanta, GA] and saw a dead lion on the side of the road. I’m assuming he was dead, since there was a person lifting his tail, and she didn’t get bitten doing it.

Billy has been fruitlessly looking for an elephant on the side of the road ever since.

A unicorn beanie baby in a thrunderstorm.

I tossed it in the back of my car as a car spirit.

Back two years ago, me and a couple friends were heading north on 72??? We were going to see incubus in concert well on the way up traffic was all jammed up like it was rush hour but it was like 9pm so eventually we get up to the cause for our delay.
There is an ambulance, and a bunch of cops.
As we drive by at a snails pace I see a whits blanket with a NIKE sticking out from one end.
Sure enough once we got closer it was definitley a body, I checked the news and there wasn’t anything about it.
I’ve always kinda wondered why he would’ve been in the middle of a 6lane highway to begin with.
There wasn’t a wreck or anything, just the body. That mental picture still creeps me out when I think about it.

Well sorry but that was my contribution to the thread

Kinda ill.

Once for several days I passed a severed dog’s head on an exit ramp from the I-476 (Blue Route) to I-95. I made a couple calls and had someone remove it.

I used to stop and pick up roadside turtles when I’d see them on my way to work in the summer. They’re the most interesting things I see in the road. And they can usually use some help crossing.

[sub]Wow. I sound like a liberal tree-hugging nature lover. That’s weird.[/sub]

Strangest thing I ever saw was a chicken walking up Mesa street in downtown El Paso, Texas.

<insert immigration joke here>

Seriously, though, no idea where it could have come from. Even though we’re in West Texas you still aren’t allowed to keep livestock in the city. It seemed to know where it was going, though.

driving west on the Pa turnpike in the late 1960s, I saw cars driven off into the woods on the right (north) of the roads with bodies under yellow tarps accompanied by police cars.

As I drive on, I must have seen four or five such sights.

It was a mass killing done by the son of the man who played
StepnFetchit in the movies. He drove along cars and then shot people with, I believe, a rifle.

This was during a time of great civic unrest, and, for some reason, did not get the publicity it deserved.

I was no more than a half hour behind the murders and heard about them on the radio as I was driving.

When I reached Pittsburgh (from Phila) I had a stiff drink as soon as I was home.

At an accident scene, a severed foot still in a black shoe.
One time, I was driving East on I-81 through the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country, at 11:30PM, in the middle of nowhere. Suddenly, this guy is standing in the middle of the right lane, just staring at me. I was doing 70MPH and managed to swerve around him. My dog was not pleased with that maneuver.
My best find was when I was about 12. I saw what looked to be a magazine in the road. I picked it up, and it was a Hustler Beach Girls Special. :wink:

I found an orange Koosh ball once, in elementary school. Of course I took it home.

Ok, you officially rock. I do this too, in the spirit of my late grandmother who rescued turtles from sure-death on the country roads we drove down to get to her house. Only she took them home and her backyard was a dangerous snappin’ turtle country.

My contribution: there is a man, approximately 40-45 years of age, who drives a late model red Mustang, who used to pull his car over on Swinnea (pronounced Swee-knee)Road and jerk off. Seriously, he stood outside the car and showed everyone who drove by what he was doing. We called the cops a million times but by the time they got there dude was always gone.

Well, I live in Florida. I have seen some mighty interesting things on the road. Let’s see, where do I begin?

My girlfriend at the time and I were headed back from a Christmas party at her parents’ house (WAAAAY out in the woods). Food and drink flowed like, well, food and drink. Along about midnight we decide that it is time to go home, and we offer a ride to some mutual friends that were in attendance. As I am driving down this dirt road leaving Terra, I spot what appears to be a baby alligator, about two feet long, right in the center of the road. I swerve and manage to miss it.

William, our friend, has always been a little crazy. He starts yelling for me to stop the car. I do, and he runs over to the gator, jumps on his head, leans down and picks it up. We are all freaking out about this time, because he is holding it in one hand, while climbing back into the Tahoe. It was then that I realize he is holding an utterly lifelike RUBBER alligator. It is now one of his prized posessions, and it lives in a fountain in Will’s front yard.
Another incident: I used to work for Ikon Office Solutions, as an onsite tech for computers, networks, servers and laser printers. It meant a lot of travel within the central and south florida area, usually in the company car. Well, one evening I am coming back to Tampa from Naples, right around a two hour drive. I am more than a little groggy, as it was just hitting nightfall. All of a sudden, my company car hits something lying in the road that I obviously did not see. Imagine: driving on an 8 lane highway, feel the car hit SOME major obstacle and instantly SKIING (for those that are unfamiliar with it, skiing is a stunt man term for getting a car up on two wheels, and driving that way.)
Needless to say, I am instantly awake, and things go into that slow motion feeling that I get when in dire trouble. I am doing 70mph, on the passenger two wheels. One wrong move and I will roll the car, most likely killing myself in the process. I lock my arms, and let off the gas slowly. I lean as far into the driver side as I can. Finally, the driver side becomes slightly heavier, and bounces back down on the road. It had gone between an eighth and a quarter mile in the air. I stop in the median, and relieve myself. WHEW. Then I backed up to discover I had hit a semi spare tire, on the rim, laying perfectly in the driver tire line of the inside left lane. I ran out, and rolled it off into the median, so someone else would not have the same misfortune.
Once, when I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, I took a trip up to Daytona Beach for a medieval re-enactment. Shortly after ten pm, the ENTIRE western side of the world lit up with an incandescent brilliance. Totally white light, much brighter than any daylight you have ever seen. I managed to look over just in time to see a meteorite plummet into the earth. I could not tell where it hit. There was nothing but fields and cow pastures, so I had no frame of reference as to size or distance, although I did hear the impact. I thought about trying to go find it, but it would have been futile in the dark…

Vidi Vici Veni!

Geez, all I ever found was a box of plastic squeeze lemons. And the occasional single shoe/sneaker/boot.

Then again, mom was riding with her co-worker when all of a sudden the car came to a dead stop. Turns out they had driven over and got stuck on a bowling ball in the middle of the street (it was dark, the ball was black).