Interesting Found Stuff

The Chicago Tribune had an article today about a guy who started a magazine showcasing interesting stuff that he and his many contributors have found. The stuff varies from “I hate you” letters placed on the wrong car, to photo albums of a 21-year-old’s documenting of her night of bar-hopping.

All of the stuff he displays shows a little glimpse of someone’s life – sometimes cryptic – but very thought-provoking.

Have any of you ever found something that raised a million questions, made you wonder about the previous owner, or showed a personal side of a stranger? Please share!


Here’s the website link.

Very interesting. Odd glimpses of the bizarre and banal of other people’s lives. Thank you for posting the link.

Well, evidently it’s just you ‘n’ me, Tansu!

I once found a giant hollow dildo stuffed with baby socks. In my bushes. (shudder…)

Once when a friend and I were getting ready to leave the swimming pool we found a letter in the parking lot and after a few minutes of “no you go get it” he went and got it and we read it.
At first we laughed and giggled a bit over some of the things witten.
And then our laughter died as we read on about this guy telling his friend about how hot his own aunt was and how he watched her through the window and got off on it and then went on to give days and times that the friend could come and watch with him and he would blow him so they could both get off while watching his aunt.:eek:
Very twisted!

Whoa! Pretty creepy!

I’ve found a wallet of negatives depicting the rasing of a radio or television tower on the street in my neighborhood, and I found a note, tightly folded, on a rural road I was riding on from school one day. It was a rather sad note, written on ledger paper, from a guy addressing “Jessica”, wanting to get to know her better. Pretty long…

I also found, while riding along a busy street, a black leather harness with life-like dildo and butt-plug attached. It scared the hell out of me. And, just the other month a condom found its way onto the driveway. I let it sit there untouched for maybe 2 weeks, letting any possible diseases bleach away by the sun and dilute from a hose I set upon it once before gingerly picking it up with a long twig and throwing it in the gutter.

On the beach near Sebastian Inlet in Florida, an empty wooden box with the bill of lading still sealed in it’s plastic pouch. The writing was in Russian and Spanish and referenced Cuba. The translation indicated the box carried “machine parts!” (eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!)

A friend of mine was cleaning out his dad’s house after he died, and found an old gun in a coffee can full of oil.

Driving down a creepy-but-cool rural road I spotted a hat in the middle of the road. I turned around, pulled over, picked it up and kept it. Something about it just seemed so strange. It wasn’t a baseball cap, it was the sort of hat you’d see an 80-year-old man wearing. I know nothing of hats, so I apologize for not knowing what it’s properly called. It was in near-perfect condition, so it must have been lost/thrown away very shortly before I found it. I still have it and can’t bring myself to part with it.

When I was about 11, walking home from middle school, I found a picture on the ground. It took me awhile to decipher it but once I did, I realized it was a picture of a man’s penis! The angle of the picture was all cock-eyed (punny!) and it cut the guy off at the torso.

So, I took it to school with me one day and showed it to some other girls while we were in the girls’ bathroom. One girl yelled out that Mrs. Crawford was coming in so I quickly flushed it down the toilet.

Pestie, was it a fez? You know, those red cylinder things with a tassle on them.

I’m figurin’ Pestie’s hat to be kind of a Mormon-looking thing. Or a pork-pie.

Pestie I think you’re talking about a fedora. And yes, fedoras are so cool.

I once found what I thought was a miniature plastic perfume bottle. It had a screw on cap with a long thing attatched to the cap that ended with a scoop. A friend of a friend, gave me $5.00 for it. Then I found out that she had taken it to a local antique store and got quite a bit more than $5.00. Turns out it was an antique, carved ivory, Japanese, snuff bottle!
I found it in an empty parking lot where flea markets were sometimes held.

I found a television.

I was going through an old desk at work, looking for supplies.

Imagine my suprise when, down in the space beneath the bottom drawer, I found a miniature TV!
B&W model, but with great reception. Operates on AC converter or 8 D cell rechargeables, with a built in charger.

The last guy to use the desk got fired months ago, & skipped town to avoid his debtors, so no way I could locate him if the repo men after his car can’t.

So, I get a free TV.

I’ve been thinking about selling it…

I found an envelope with over $4000 cash and a deposit slip. I called the phone number on the deposit slip and got some guy accusing me of stealing the envelope. He claimed I broke into his truck and took it. He could not get the principle that there are some honest folks out there trying to do the right thing. I ended up hanging up on him before I told him who I was. I called the next day and talked to his wife. She was just the opposite, she was very nice. The money was from the sale of a boat. She also told me her husband had a habit of leaving stuff on the roof of his truck and driving off. She said she loses 2 or 3 coffee cups a month because of him. I returned the money to her and she gave me $50. And on the road in front of their house, both sides of the street for at least a half a mile in each direction are littered with the remains of countless coffee cups that have met their demise. It was on this same street I found the envelope.