Interesting things you have found recently

On my walk yesterday, I found a couple of car-related items (not surprising since I was perambulating along a major thoroughfare):

A hub center cap from a 2002 Cadillac De Ville. Still nice and shiny. Made of aluminum, it has a nice heft to it–good for an Oddjob impression. Think I’ll use it as an oversized coaster.

Not far away, I found a note on the ground–some honest person had hit a parked car and left an apology and contact information. The victim, though, was a litter bug.

I found an old drinking fountain for cows in a ravine on my property.

And bits of an old Model A in a different ravine.

A huge bee hive under our (above-ground) hot tub. The only bee control person in the Las Vegas metro area who answered the phone on a Sunday morning will come out tomorrow to kill them if they’re evil hybrid killerbees.

She’ll relocate them if they’re actually normal harmless honeybees, but there is supposedly almost no chance of that. :frowning:

a cobble on the beach with a near-perfect natural yin-yang symbol (only without the centre spots, IYKWIM)

An X-ray of what appeared to be a pelvis of a slim-hipped person - with a tail!

Someone else looked at it and determined it was from a really big dog, and took away all of my X-files type fun.
I still like to think that it’s evidence of tailed ones that walk among us! And get periodic physicals involving X-rays. Far more interesting than some poor German Shepard’s hip dysplasia.

While helping Hubby’s parents pack to move from their 3 bedroom house, into an 1100 sq ft retirement apartment, I found an oil can, like the Tin Man’s in The Wizard of Oz. I guess I now have a collection of old oil cans, since I also have a tiny one from an old treadle sewing machine.

I’m always finding pretty rocks.

I found a tiny, foam, kitty socker ball under the sofa. I’ve never seen it before. I guess one of the kitties stole it from somewhere, back when they were allowed to go outside. (Gee, that’s been over a year. Maybe I should vacuum under the sofa more often.)

Poison ivy. In new and different spots on my property. I’m pretty sure I found all of it before it found me. ::crosses fingers::


A pick, a long-handled spade, a d-handled spade, a push broom, a couple of 25-pair connector blocks with attached cable tails (I guess a phone truck hit a bump or something). A deer vertebra, a pair of antlers and a possum skull. Oh, and a couple weeks ago, a bobcat ran across the road about 20 feet from me, which I thought was pretty neat.

A tiny baby sock. I think it’s my niece’s. I think it got mixed up in laundry when we were on vacation together at the beginning of August, and I accidentally took it home. The interesting thing was that I found it in my entryway, at the end of a work day. So, I have to wonder - was it on my clothes, and I wore it around all day?


A beautiful woman called Zoe :smiley:

Yesterday at the grocery store I saw what I thought was a folded hundred dollar bill lying on a shelf. It was in my pocket almost before I recognized it. Then I started looking around for the person who had lost it. No one was looking frantic, so I went on shopping. As I did, I started to feel downright dismayed that someone had lost this money. Who can afford that kind of bad luck? I glanced in other people’s carts to see if I could find anyone buying the same product that had been on the shelf next to the money. Eventually I finished shopping and got up to the registers. I didn’t see anyone crying or freaking out, so I ran back to that aisle one more time to see if anyone was hunting around…nope.

I got back in line to pay for my stuff and as I did, I allowed myself for the first time to think of keeping the money. I realized that it would take care of paying for the kids’ school pictures, which I’d been worrying about, plus leaving enough to help with buying my son a birthday gift. As a wave of relief rose through me, I put my hand in my pocket to get out my debit card. A piece of paper was in the way…my grocery list? I pulled it out and saw that it was an ad, folded and designed to resemble a hundred dollar bill.

Why couldn’t those fuckers have used a smaller denomination? :frowning:

A pink sofa, in the sea.

I also found 14 k of g in my f p d, but I don’t want to talk about it.