What's your best find and weirdest find walking this week?

I did about 3 hours of hiking yesterday. There of course was plenty of stuff dropped and visible because nothing is growing. There was a rear red light for a bike. One thing I found was a tinted lens from prescription glasses. I don’t know how you just lose a single lens and not notice. There was a pair of soiled toddler pants. I wish you could walk a trail in the woods without finding soiled clothing so often. The closest thing to something usable I found was a softball in a ditch, which I left there. Somebody that plays softball can pick it up. Nobody loses useful stuff like a pocket knife anymore.

I found a tiny plastic pirate figure in the parking lot on Monday. I tucked it under my windshield wiper so he could take a ride with me. A week later, and he’s still going strong. I’ve used my wipers since then–he surfed down the windshield and lodged himself beneath the edge of my hood. He seems to like it there, riding jauntily, sword held aloft.

I found this large bolt/ shackle thing on the road today. I believe it fell off the rubbish truck.

A train car part. Large as dinner plate, about 10 inches thick and solid iron or some other heavy metal. I don’t think it fell off the train, but it’s just lying there by the tracks. I considered bringing it home to decorate the garden but it weighed almost as much as a train car, plus it is probably expensive to replace.

Best find of the week was a cubic zirconia. Weirdest was a raccoon tail, the rest of the raccoon must have been eaten by buzzards already.

I’m finding a lot of dropped money lately (although I am specifically looking for that at the moment).

My best find this week is the urchin fossil I found this afternoon (mentioned in thisthread) - direct link to picture

Found a sales tax token that must be at least 60 years old.

Found part of an animal vertebrae. (species unknown) Both on the same walk on the beach.

I have no idea what a sales tax token would be. Where are you? Is it metal?

I’ll happily take the fossil.:slight_smile:

I googled this and it looks like they date back to a time when the change from a transaction involving sales tax would include fractions of a cent, and that the fraction of a cent was significant enough a value to be worth worrying about - so there were tokens for parts of cents that could be used in change.

Thanks. I figured it would be dependent on the OP’s country as to what it was. At least it wasn’t something that needed to stay attached to a purchase.

Yes, I had to google sales tax tokens also after I found it. Never seen one before, but apparently they’re not worth much and are not particularly rare. I was walking on a Puget Sound Beach. Washington was one of the few states that used Sales Tax Tokens.

I found a nice Nerf football in the park the other day while walking my dog. We were the only ones in the park, so I picked it up and gave my self a silent, “yeah, score!”.

Then I realized I have enough crap, and the kid who left it there might come back looking for it. So I put it back.

I do live near a ravine, but it’s pretty heavily trafficked, and the best thing I ever found there was a precariously placed quarter which disappeared in to a stream when I tried to get it out.

OTOH, I was taking a late night walk a couple of days ago, and while going down a back alley found that someone was throwing out a perfectly working low-end cappuccino maker with all the accessories. So that was cool. :slight_smile:

The other day I was walking over bridge that had some seating areas. Perched atop a stone seatback was a pair of glasses. My first instinct was to grab them so that I could contact their rightful owner. I thought about it for a second, then realized that the best way to return them was to let them be.

I found a dead coyote, although I was driving, not walking. It was in the ditch along an abandoned railroad right-of-way. It looked to be in fairly decent shape, other than the bit about being dead. I didn’t see any wounds, but I didn’t look too closely, either. I suspect it was shot by someone who was tired of losing chickens or pets or some such. I don’t know if it was dumped here, or this is where it was shot.

Just down the trail were 3 deer skeletons, all pretty well picked over, and some bones scattered a bit. Only one had a skull, which makes me think that someone poached the deer for the mounts, and dumped the rest.

This thread just reminds me that I need to walk outside again. You don’t find much interesting on a gym track. The best thing I ever found while walking was $100. I was in seventh grade. Picked up dinner out for the family. :slight_smile:

We had a problem with a neighbor shooting coyotes with AK-47’s (Northern Indiana.) Not that the problem was the coyotes dying, its just that he didn’t really care where it was pointed or what time of the night it was. Semi-Autos are legal here, but autos are not. You cannot hunt with the semi auto anyway, so I don’t know why he had it.

He’s no longer around though, because his son got busted for a meth lab in one of their barns.

Interesting story, I know.

I saw a roadkill badger. It’s rare to see a badger other than in a zoo.

Darn it, I haven’t found anything interesting on my walks in the last week. Although I did pick up a bunch of nice rocks from a beach beyond Sooke. Lately, I’m into rocks.

At least they’re pretty much free.

But heavy.

Rocks are always interesting things to keep an eye out for.

Today I saw a lady dressed in high end expensive clothing light a cigarette and walk 5 feet to the Walmart entrance. She then took apart a cigarette trash can and picked out cigarettes. It was so pathetic I had to tell the people I know at the checkouts about the lady so we could all laugh about her. Beware that craigslist rolling tobacco people.