Some cool things I saw today.

Every once in a while, I see something that makes me laugh. Sometimes, I get a little teary-eyed. Sometimes, I feel all nostalgic. Today, I saw two things that just plain made me happy and I don’t even know why.

When I first left my house at 8:30 this morning, I was in a bad mood, mainly because I was running late for a 9:00 appointment in a town 45 minutes away. Right after I left my neighborhood, I drove past a little old lady with a hunched back. Normally, this would make me feel sad. Today, it made be laugh with complete glee. This cute little old lady was riding a pink bike - complete with a banana seat and streamers from the handle bars. I haven’t seen a bike like that in years - much less being ridden by a lady with long white hair, obvious arthritis in her hands, and probably about 85 years on the odometer.

About 5 minutes later, I was driving down the main road in town and I saw something else which had me laughing so hard I almost dropped my cigarette in my crotch. There on the sidewalk was a man walking. This is by no means unusual. But, this particual man was probably about 35, very tall and burly. He had a crewcut, lots of tattoos, a wifebeater shirt, torn jeans, and a cigar. Normally, I’d probably be a bit wary of him if I passed him on the sidewalk. But this guy was carrying something. A potted African Violet. It was probably the strangest thing he could have been carrying. There were no flower shops or landscapers nearby. No grocery stores or convenience stores. So, no place he could have possibly bought it. But there he was, in all his Hell’s Angle’s glory, taking his violets for a walk.

Now, this tells me one of two things about myself.

  1. I have become so depressed by the state of this world, that something as simple as a bike and a pot of flowers can make me giggle like a fool.


  1. I need to spend more time watching the road and less time watching the scenery.

Your story #2 reminds me of something similar that happened to us.

Once we found a cute tiny blond Pomeranian running loose in a parking lot. We scooped her up and looked all over for the owners, but no luck. So we took her home and then posted flyers all over that neighborhood, asking callers to describe her collar in order to claim her. A man called and correctedly described her collar (pink with little pink rhinestones), and came over in a few minutes.

The owner of the dainty little girl toy dog with the pink collar? A gigantic Latino guy with tattoos, wife-beater T-shirt and big motorcycle boots. He said, “There you are, you little puta!” and the pom rushed into his arms and started extravagantly licking his face. He said neighborhood kids had managed to unlock his backyard gate and he had been worried sick about her since she got out.

It made me laugh back then, and it still makes me laugh today.

What is this, Weird Wednesday? On my walk to work this morning, I passed a cat sitting on a bench at a bus stop, meowing his fuzzy head off. Yesterday I had my camera with me; today I left it at home. No picture of kitty waiting for the bus.

I hear ya, I giggled myself silly at the the shopping cart waiting patiently for a SMART bus one day, like it’s going to work.
I walked to work and back today, total about 5+ miles maybe, and saw lots of happy little yellow and white flowers on the side of the road; then out of nowhere a huge purple thistle head, almost as big as my fist and it had a twin! My gut reaction was to pick one and take it home, but I want to see how much bigger they’ll get.

Is that some dangerous geometry gang?

They’re just obtuse. :smiley:

After reading the OP, I just have to ask … what part of California do you live in?


Lol. I live in Massachusetts.

Well, that explains everything. The guy was obviously heading home with a love offering for his husband.

There was a frog in my pool today, and as usual the dogs were going nuts about it. I realized for the first time that frogs like to taunt the dogs. The frog would tread water just out of the dogs’ reach, and the dogs would stare and pant and pace, and when a dog finally poked a paw in the water toward the frog, the frog would spurt 10-12 feet away, and the dogs would go dashing after it, ad infinitum. I know that cats and birds amuse themselves for hours by taunting the dogs, but I was surprised to realize that frogs do too.
That’s my cute story for the day.

Squirrels taunt magpies, too. Magpies and squirrels are mortal enemies, I believe.

I saw a Great Blue Heron in a stream by my workplace this morning. Gorgeous birds. I catch my breath every time I see one.
There was a pile of ducks swimming close by it, looking at it like, “What’s wrong with that duck??” :smiley:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Great Blue Heron - that would be very cool. We do get flocks of pelicans here, and that is also very cool. I’m always amazed at how big pelicans are while flying over head.

In a somewhat related vein, the field that my husband coaches baseball at has an osprey family living in it - they often fly into the nest with fish dangling from their claws, and a bunch of little osprey heads come popping up.

Pyramid Lake, about an hour northeast of Reno, has a pretty sizable flock of pelicans that nest there. When I take my dogs out there, they got very excited when they see the pelicans in the distance, and as soon as I stop, they take off running towards them. As they start to get a little closer, they see how big the birds actually are. They slow down a bit, and then stop and take a tentative step or two toward the flock. But that’s all - then they run full speed away from them.

The older one’s pretty safe, but I bet a pelican could scoop up the puppy without much trouble.

Man, I love pyramid lake. There’s just something cool about that place.

I was out walking in SanFran one night, and there was a homeless guy dangling from an overhead pipe at a stop light, his feet about two feet off the ground, just hanging on with his hands. Walking back half an hour later, he was still hanging there.


We don’t have pelicans or great heron of any color. We do have C5’s though. Lemme tell you - when you see one of those bastards fly overhead - seemingly close enough to touch, birds just don’t seem as impressive anymore. And, C5’s don’t poop on freshly cleaned cars.

Ah, Galaxies… Nothing like going out to Burns Flat and watching the C-5 and C-17 student pilots out of Altus AFB doing touch-and-go approaches all afternoon.

I live on what used to be base housing right in front of an Air Force base. When I first moved in, I had to wait patiently for the Reserve weekends. Now, what with the war and everything - I get all the planes I want. I still love to walk out of Home Depot or the Grocery store and see such a massive hunk of metal in the sky. It’s even cooler when they turn because it looks like they’re not even moving - one could say the seem to “hang in the sky exactly the way bricks don’t”.

Yes, a pile - they were morbidly fascinated by the heron but at the same time were kinda trying to keep their distance, so the result was that they were somewhat piled on top of one another as they floated past, ogling him.

It was pretty funny, actually.