Oddball stuff you see, & can't explain.

This morning i was out for a walk, & saw some robins.
So in two different small flocks, there were robins who listed to the right. They were standing in the grass, & instead of being true upright, they listed to starboard.

Why? :confused:
Do we have a rash of one-legged robins? Are they drunk? Are the Republicans trying to recruit the songbird vote? What?

List your oddball stuff here.

The guy at my gym who always works out in regular clothes. Blue Jeans, Hiking boots, and a nice long sleeve shirt.

I work out in regular clothes. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t sweat much, which makes this possible. I don’t go to a gym though, so I’m not your guy.

I found it! I did a thread on stuff like this, many moons ago. :slight_smile:

Weird Shit You Don’t See Everyday


I watched a police car pull up behind a parked car. The officer opened the back door. He helped a handcuffed man out of the back seat. He removed the handcuffs, and the man got into the parked car and drove away. It was like watching an arrest in reverse. I’m still not sure what could have been going on.

Whenever I go to water aerobics, there’s always a guy in the pool who goes in fully clothed. I mean long sleeved shirt, regular shoes, and such. He said it’s because he doesn’t want to get cold when he gets out.
But…but…wouldn’t having all that wet clothing on just make him colder??

An indoor gun range near me advertises the times for their aerobics classes on their sign. I suppose an armed aerobics instructor would certainly keep one’s heart rate up. The mind boggles.

There’s a little drainage ditch at the bottem of my street, the collection of water pumped out of people’s basements. Last Wednesday there were three white herons in the ditch. I’ve never seen a real white heron before in my life. Why are they hanging out in a drainage ditch?

I’m stuck in traffic on a usually busy highway one morning. As I inch along, I notice a plant growing out from between two concrete breaker walls. Not an abnormal site unto itself, but this one particular plant was growing a single, round, perfectly shaped, supermarket-worthy tomato.

Oh! One more! Another highway discovery. Again, inching along in traffic. Looking out the window, I see a rather dirty, disheveled looking doll lying face down by the side of the road. Her clothes were torn and her body was in a random looking position; arms and legs splayed in every direction. It looked like a tiny little crime scene. I wonder who this doll crossed to meet such a gruesome demise.

I half expected to see tiny little police cars and tiny little stuffed investigators writing in itty butty little notebooks while standing around a tiny little chalk outline on my way home.

Had a mushroom growing out of my bathroom floor.

Are we supposed to try and explain these? Most likely these were Egrets, actual White Herons being a bit more rare. And they were hanging out in the drainage ditch because there are usually lots of tasty snacks there; bugs, lizards, snakes maybe even little fishies.
As for the Robins, I’d guess they were drunk. They are the little lushes of the bird world. Every spring they come down here and get plastered on the Brazilian Pepper berries, which are actually toxic but they usually don’t die from it. They die from stuff like flying into windows, being falling down drunk in front of cats and drowning in the bird baths.

I’ll take your word that there were egrets. But how come I’ve never seen any in the 20 years I’ve lived here and walked by that drainage ditch?

I love the drunken robin paragraph Tiramisu.

Some departments have rules that no one gets in the back of a patrol car unless they are in cuffs. Its a little paranoid but there have been incidents of officers murdered by people they were being nice to by giving them a ride. It is more likely that this was someone who was arrested, brought to headquarters for booking, either posted bail or was released on a summons. The officer was doing him a favor by dropping him off at his car. The guy probably didn’t mind too much about being cuffed because his car wasn’t towed to begin with. He also could have been released at the station and would have had to make his own way back.

People weird: There was a woman in my old neighborhood who was definitely on the odd side. First, her house: she completely covered the walls of her house with rough, black-colored, lava-like rock. There were only two windows in the entire facade, and they were small (like 2’ by 2’) and made of orange pebbled glass. Next, her personal appearance: she frequently walked around the neighborhood and invariably wore a velour bell-bottomed pantsuit. She had about 10 of these in different colors: pink, lime-green, brown, beige, etc. and she wore platform shoes. She wore a ton of makeup and she teased her hair into a tight cylinder that stood straight up on top of her head, about 13 inches high and 3 inches in diameter.

Wild Kingdom weird: I was outside having a smoke by the little wooden ‘shed’ that housed the pool-pump at my MIL’s house. The roof of this shed was sloped a little and there were several little jumping spiders crawling around on it. I was idly watching them when a wasp (or maybe it was a yellowjacket) flew up and hovered above the surface of the shed. One of the spiders took notice, and kind of flicked a couple of legs in the air. The wasp came closer. The spider jumped and grabbed the wasp. Spider and wasp rolled around furiously on the shed roof for a couple of seconds, then suddenly rose into the air. The wasp, with the spider still clinging to it, flew away. Wow.

In spring of 2003, I was driving to Florida on some interstate outside Daytona…95? Is that it? Anyways, I was stuck in traffic going south, and then, driving on the other side of the highway, going north, was a white van. Nothing too peculiar about it…except the FLAMES coming from underneath! I kid you not, I saw a white van going ~60 MPH with flames shooting from underneath. I watched for as long as I could but it didn’t pull ocer, explode, or anything like that. I thought about calling 911, but realized a) I didn’t have a cell phone, abd b) would they beleive me?

I found three men in the bathroom stall at work. I later discovered they were splitting up their dope, stems and seed everywhere. The wierd part was the can of soup. They had an open can of Clam Chowder, and they were eating it cold. :eek:
Must have been some good dope.

The post about the doll reminded me of the weirdest thing I can remember having seen. I was hanging out with a friend late at night in the spookiest town I’ve ever been in (Lake Pleasant, MA - a village of the town of Montague). We’d already had a few weird experiences that night to help set the mood. We walked down to the Bridge of Names (a foot-bridge connecting the two sides of the village) and right there in the middle of the entrance to the bridge is a ragged baby doll, its face scribbled on with a black magic marker. It looked like a scene from a Stephen King story. And the night got weirder from that point on (that was the same night, and same place, where I had my one and only unexplainable UFO sighting, for example).

I live in Florida now, but I make a point to visit Lake Pleasant every time I go back to Massachusetts. I love that place.

The exhaust system’s caught fire. I saw this on a large moving van last winter.

Not sure why it happens, though.

Kind of a neat effect at midnight on the freeway, though. :smiley:

The Banana
I was sitting at a stop light after work one night. Two cars ahead of me a guy got out of his car and, with a look of concern on his face, carried a banana to the person in the car behind him. No words passed between them as far as I could tell.

The Skeletons
This one happened when I was in art school. We were on a 15-minute break from class (the classes were usually about 3 hours long, so we got a break half way through), and most of us were sitting in the lobby. I heard a rumbling sound from down the hall and looked up in time to see a guy running down the hall with two skeletons, one of which didn’t have a head. As he turned the corner to go into the dept offices, the skeletons swung around on their racks and clattered against each other. No one else reacted, so I didn’t say anything, just in case sleep deprivation had started to catch up with me.