Absurd things you've seen lately

Catch-all thread for any and all ridiculous sights & experiences you’ve had lately.

Me, I was watching the air show at the beach, when I noticed a local Osprey flying off with what I at first assumed was a fish. Using the binocs I had, I noticed that it wasn’t a fish at all, but a cannonball jellyfish! He may be a recent fledgling practicing his surf-diving techniques, but I’d bet he was profoundly puzzled when he reached his food perch and noticed it wasn’t a fish that he had caught…

I was taking my morning walk the other day. The end of my walk is through a strip mall. Right next to the grocery store, between the grocery store and the next shop over there is a trash can. Right next to the trash can is a pair of shoes. The were sitting very neatly, side by side kind of like you’d line up your shoes in your closet but they were next to the trash can. Later that day, I went to the grocery store and the shoes were gone.

I thought it was strange.

Car door sitting next to the street propped up against a street sign, like a hubcap would be, except that it was the actual driver’s-side door. You’d think the driver would have noticed it was missing. How would you misplace your driver’s-side door?

I think he would have got home and just thought “Hm, this isn’t the same shape, texture, or taste as the last thing I ate, but I’ll bloody well try and eat it anyway”

I once saw a pair of red kmdafm pumps sitting carefully below the railing at the middle of the Evergreen Point Floating Bridge. The water there is very deep, about 75 feet.

More than one young woman walking around in public wearing summer clothing and shoes, topped with a heavy sweater, because it IS November.

I’ve often seen young girls headed to the local high school wearing a heavy parka over short skirt/pants, bare legs, and open-toed shoes in the middle of January at 20 below zero. Fashion trumps comfort!

I’ve seen that more than once, and not just shoes. Some dumpster divers will make a point of setting usable items they don’t want (such as wrong-size shoes) neatly alongside or atop the trash, for the convenience of other trashpickers.

The only “weird” thing I’ve seen lately was a perfectly natural thing–a hawk eating a pigeon–in an unusual place–perched atop a construction fence next to the sidewalk, just off Rittenhouse Square in central Philadelphia, just after three in the afternoon on a weekday. Part of the fun was watching the reactions of passerby, usually a two-phase response: Phase 1: Gawk. Phase 2: Get out cell phone and take a picture. (My phone has no camera, alas.)

Whore-red-lipstick colored Hummer 2. Personalized license plate: Big Rick.

Someone’s over-compensating. I laughed all the way home.

The midterm exam I wrote last Friday. Only two questions, worth 60% and 40% respectively. And pretty much everyone in the class agreed that question 1 was on material that wasn’t supposed to be testable (different section/chapter of book, etc). That exam seemed pretty absurd to me!

Seriously, do they think that makes them look hot? It makes them look cold, and stupid.

ryobserver, which construction fence near Rittenhouse Square. There are a hell of a lot of them.

Is it that condo-tower project that is going up where the bakery used to be?

You can add to the list of badly dressed people - young guys trudging around in rain or snow in man-pris, T-shirts, and flip flops. Though I can see it if they’re hanging out at the mall ( but still, I can almost hear their moms shrieking, ‘wear your coat, it’s freezing outside’ as they head out the door).

I misread that as a color of lipstick named “Hummer 2.” :smiley:
The weirdest thing I’ve seen lately are pineapples topping a brick wall. But someone told me they are a sign of hospitality. Which is kind of cool!

  1. Last week, attempting to purchase a day spa gift certificate for my wife for her birthday (today- #40!), my credit card was declined. Called Citibank from right there. The problem apparently was that our last payment had come from a different account than usual. Well, yeah- it was a huge bill for a variety of travel and childbirth-related reasons. We don’t keep that much dough in my checking account, so we wrote a check on our credit union acccount. So, they froze my card because they got a check with my name on it, signed with my name, from an account with my name on it, to pay the bill on the credit card with my name on it. ???

They got a credit union person on the line, who asked me a bunch of identifying questions that only an account holder should know. I answered them, they were satisfied, Citibank was then satisfied, and they unfroze my card. It was like Citibank knew it was me but needed to verify that the check was really from my account, so they pulled in a credit union rep who knew it was my account but needed to verify it was me. Weird.

  1. Just last night I called to activate the new debit card for my Health Savings Account. I called the number on the sticker and got this:

“Welcome to Card Services. Please press 1 now.”

Uhhhh, OK: “1”

“Thank you. Please touch or speak the account number…”

Why did I have to press 1?

We’re running a drive here at work to collect pet supplies for a local no-kill animal shelter. They’ve set large boxes up around the office. Yesterday, the one in the back hall had a couple of cans of dog food, a pack of chewy bones – and two rolls of paper towels, one of which was used (noticeably skinnier than the other).

:dubious: Really? I’m sure they’ll come in useful at the shelter, but couldn’t you have at least not partially used your donation?

I know what pumps are, but kmdafm pumps?

I saw a woman wearing Daisy Dukes over the weekend along with a pair of Uggs and one of those sheepskin hats with the ear flaps. It was 80 degrees. She was talking about her footwear very enthusiastically. I wish I could’ve told her she looked like a combination whore/sherpa (a herpa?).

Today I saw a woman pushing a double-baby carriage with two toddlers in it, carrying another baby on her hip, her purse and a buttload of shopping bags on the other arm, yet she still was managing to carry on an animated cell phone conversation. Don’t ask me how she managed to distribute her arms and hands to achieve this, but do it she did.

In other cell phone news, today I almost hit a guy who absently walked out into traffic in the middle of a block, intently text-messaging. He never once looked up or noticed me. And I just saw in the news this morning the factoid that in the bay area, cell phones and texting are a culprit in a huge percentage of pedestrian fatalities. Huh! Who knew?

Today, my empty washing machine turned itself on, filled itself up with water, and then died.