What's the most perfect action movie?

What’s the best action movie out there? My criteria:

  1. Lots of gun play. Somewhat realistic would be nice.
  2. Car chases are a bonus
  3. Minimal “slow” scenes. Keep the action coming.
  4. Maybe throw in some nudity

I’m told The Bourne Supremacy keeps things going throughout.

The Bond films are pretty good, but tend to get bogged down in plot with the evil villans and all. Die Hard is good although it takes a while for things to start happening.

The most perfect action movie is Big Trouble in Little China, though oddly I took my nickname from the only slightly less awesome The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the Eight Dimension.

No nudity or car chases in either, though.

I’ve heard about that movie (Big Trouble in Little China) for years. Unfortunately I tried to watch it recently and found it pretty stupid. I liked Escape from New York better.

Just thought of a couple more, The Transporter and Crank were great. Jason Stratham(?) kicks butt.

Die Hard. No er, with a vengeance or bloody four.

My answer when this has come up before is Aliens. The only thing it fails is the nudity part.

The last hour of that movie is almost non-stop, high-intensity ass kicking.

Gotta be Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Prediction: this is one of those threads where everyone will start throwing out their “favorite” action movies.

Since your criteria didn’t include “believability”, here are some that come to mind:

  • “True Lies”. Not a perfect movie overall, but a good “action” movie that fits most of your criteria.

  • “Die Hard”. I always thought this was well paced. No car chases, though.

  • “The Bourne Ultimatum”. More so than “Supremacy” - I didn’t like “Supremacy” as much because the camerawork was making me nauseous. But “Ultimatum” is a good overall roller-coaster ride.

And given the smallness of Sigourney Weaver’s panties, it comes close in that department.

That was Alien, iirc.

As already mentioned, the correct answer is Die Hard.

I have always thought that Ronin was great, although not exactly your criteria. The action was great action, and the down times were actual suspense. I guess good things happen when you make an action movie with good actors i.e. Deniero, Bean,and Reno.

I haven’t seen it in a million years, but I seem to remember The Last Boyscout fit most of those criteria.

Invasion USA starring…Chuck Norris.

Answering my own post, Terminator 2 and Transformers were both very cool, but too many slow parts. Especially Transformers, and the closeup fighting scenes sucked.

I’ve always enjoyed The Rock as a pure action saturday-afternoon adventure. Very little down time, lotsa nifty explosions, some snarky banter. I pretty much don’t get tired of it.

True Lies is up there too.

Big Trouble in Little China is more of the ultimate B-movie than action-adventure.


Starship Troopers didn’t have realism or car chases, but it had enough T&A to make up for those shortcomings. :wink:

Any of the Bourne movies do it for me - I’d go so far as to say the last two are the perfect example of pseudo-real action movies (though I confess that I missed the last quarter of The Bourne Supremacy because the movie theater caught fire - and you can’t get more action than that).

Aliens +1 … particularly because I know just how rushed the production schedule for it was. It’s incredible that it has stood the test of time and holds up as well today as it did twenty years ago when you consider how it was practically hot off the editing room reels and soundtrack scoring stage when it first hit cinemas. They didn’t have any time to polish it and it’s still gold. Cameron is notoriously picky about details and was forced to let so much slide, and Horner threw together a timeless action score for it in less than a week that still gets used in trailers and other promos to this day. Aliens is a testament to guerilla action filmmaking.

A combination of 1, 2 & 3