Whats the most someone can make to be on welfare?

Yeah, i can’t find it anywhere.

Depends on what you call welfare. You can draw $2,318 a month (with spouse and no kids) and make any amount of money if the VA has rated you 100%. If they have rated you as “unemployable” you can “earn” nothing but you can have any amount coming in from investments, IRAs, etc.

Not exactly what you asked perhaps, but I just wanted to share.

“Welfare” as we usually think of it is a state or local program, not national so that will depend on your location. There are federal guidelines for “the poverty level” (which is a term they discourage using, in favor of "poverty guidelines) that can be found here:

However, a particular welfare benefit such as Aid to Dependent Children, rent subsidies, food stamps, school lunch subsidies, job training, earned income credits, etc. etc. etc. may have eligibility requirements much different than just poverty level.

Clinton abolished the welfare program AFDC (Aid to Families with Dependent Children) in August 1996 rydiaman.

My best and oldest friend left her husband a few months ago and got an apartment for her and her 7 year old. She wasnt working at the time, and applied for and recieved food stamps and some kind of government cash assistance. She found a job quickly, making $9.00 an hour, and just as quickly, lost every cent of the benefits. Apparently $9.00 an hour is enough to cover rent, food, car expenses, utilities and after school care for her daughter. Ridiculous.