What's the name for a conic slice from a sphere?

This question was posed to me by a friend, so I’m consulting my expert systems on it. =)

Basically, assume you cut a cone from a sphere, leaving a pointy-topped cone with a rounded bottom. Is there a specific name for this shape?

Math / Geometry majors, attack!

MathWorld calls it a spherical cone.

How can you cut anything with a “pointy top” from a sphere?

There is a whole set of geometric shapes called Conic Sections, which are defined by the intersection of planes (at various angles) and a sphere.

Oops. Intersection of planes and a CONE (not sphere).

What’s the name for a conic slice from a sphere?

A bad design for a beer bottle.

Spherical Cone looks like the answer of choice… after all, who’s to argue with Wolfram when it comes to math. =)

Well I did send him an email over the summer telling him to get his act together regarding ordinal operations, but no update so far. :smiley:

If I understand the OP correctly, it would be the piece removed from this sphere.