What's the name for this type of cookie? (And recipe...)

A co-worker grabbed free cookies from a bank and gave one to me. It looked just like a regular chocolate chip cookie, maybe a little thicker. However, the inside was filled with CREAM CHEESE & CHOCOLATE filling (with the texture of half-cooked brownies)! It was one of the best I’ve tasted. Is there a name for this type of cookie?

Yes, a half-baked chocolate chip cookie.

LOL! Actually, it reminded me of those stuffed brand name cookies I ate as a kid–I can’t remember the name for the life of me (Chips Ahoy variant)? Haven’t seen them for sale for a loooong time now, but IIRC, they were chocolate chip cookies stuffed with chocolate frosting. Anyone remember those?

That doesn’t quite explain the cream cheese, though. Is it for sure cream cheese?

I think he was kidding, but it was definitely not half-baked.

The chocolate chip part was normal (yellow with brown chips) and the filling was somewhat gooey dark brown. The chocolate chip dough formed quite a distinctive shell around the filling, and the filling was definitely some gooey chocolate cream cheese variant.

It was just like any other filled cookie you’ve had–except the filling was chocolate cream cheese goo instead of fruit jelly and the cookie part was chocolate chip instead of sugar/shortbread.

Oh, and the goo wasn’t undercooked. It had a texture exactly like fudge, though not as rich.

I guess I could always try molding chocolate chip cookie dough around cream cheese fudge, but I was hoping for a name & a recipe to start with. :slight_smile:

This sounds so good, but “cream cheese cookies” comes up with so many bloody google hits it’s insane! And the cream cheese is mixed in with the batter, not as a filling, on most of the recipes that I found.

Man, I hope someone has an idea. This sounds awesome!

Yeah, I had problems with busy Google results, too. :frowning:

And, yes, it was AWESOME. Heaven. The kind of delicious treat that if you can figure out how to make it correctly, your friends and co-workers will regard you as the best cook. That’s why I’m praying someone will come up with an answer. :smiley:

How about contacting the bank and seeing if they can help you out? They should at least know where the cookies came from.

Magic Middles? MMMM…I miss those.

Oh yeah, I googled “magic middles” but couldn’t find a recipe for them, though they’re probably not exactly like the cookie you had at the bank.

Yes, *Magic Middles was the name of those similar cookies!

Looks like I’ll be taking a trip to the bank tomorrow on lunch break. Will let you know the results. They were likely from a local bakery, so maybe I can sweetheart them into giving me a recipe. :slight_smile:

If you get that lucky, you MUST post it here!

I’m guessing that the filling will be spooned onto parchment to form little puddles, then frozen and the resulting discs dipped in dough and baked, unless it is just one of those ‘magic’ recipes where it’s all the same stuff, but the process of baking radically transforms the outside layer so that it no longer resembles the underbaked middle at all.

I had a custard pie recipe a bit like that once (called ‘impossible pie’) - you just beat all the ingredients together, poured them into a tin and baked them; when it was done, the flour had settled out of the custard to form a distinct layer of pastry on the bottom and the coconut had floated to the top to form a crispy topping.

It sounds like the filled cupcakes my mom used to make. This link has a recipe for the cupcakes. I’ll bet you could substitute a thin cookie dough for the cake mix.

UPDATE: I got the name of the bakery, but it’s quite a distance away. :frowning: If I do grab the recipe, I’ll post it in Cafe Society. Thanks!

Here are two recipes that might work:



My grandma has used this recipe, or a similar one, for decades.

However, she uses a tassie pan instead of a muffin tin, to produce small cupcakes instead of large ones that can more easily be treated as cookies.

They are insanely popular wherever they’ve been tried. Kind of a combination of devil’s food and chocolate chip cheesecake - who can resist that.

They’ll sell you the recipe for two-fifty.