What's the name of this dish?

Tortillas, spread with cheese sauce, are then filled with (pre-cooked) minced beef, onions, etc. They’re then put in a dish, and then covered in more cheese sauce. You stick it in the oven for a short while.

I was watching a cooking programme on TV, but the sound was on the fritz. Whatever it was they were making looked like something i’d like to try, so does anyone know what this is called? I’d appreciate any recipies too.

Sounds like enchiladas to me.

Did it look something like this?

Wow, that was quick. That does look like it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

The sauce for enchiladas is made from chiles, not cheese. Think about the name - it almost has the word “chile” in it. Enchiladas often have cheese on top, but without the cheese they’re still enchiladas.

There are many recipes for enchiladas. The two main types are red and green. The sauce for red enchiladas is usually made from dried red chiles, often anchos or guajillos. Green enchilada sauce is made from fresh green chiles, often of the Anaheim or New Mexico type.