What's the name of this Indian recipe??

Hey all,
So this is driving me nuts… I saw a huge package of this at Costco and wanted to go home and recreate it, and I can’t remember what it’s called!! It’s a dal (I think) with lentils, some other kind of bean, and a strong tomato-ish sauce. It’s pretty commonly found, but I just cannot remember that name. Ideas? Suggestions?

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You might be thinking of dal makhani.

ETA: Like this http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/dal-makhani-restaurant-style-recipe/

Or chana masala, although that doesn’t usually use tomato I don’t think. http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/chana-masala-with-coconut/

Wouldn’t it be simplest just to go back to Costco and check what the product is called? You could even take notes or a photo of the package.

If it’s the yellow Tasty-Bite packs, it’s Madras Lentils.

Tasty-Bite also has a product called Bombay Lentils (along with a slew of other products).

I’m trying to be better about time and money management, and believe me, driving all the way back to Costco is NOT the way to do it. :wink: I think that Madras lentils was the one, although the dal makhani recipe is closer to the way I would want to make it. Time to use the new crockpot! :slight_smile:

The Tasty Bite Madras lentils are pretty good*, as are the Kitchens of India products. I have a box of aloo matar from Ashoka that I haven’t tried yet.

I wish there were a good Indian restaurant nearby here in DFW.

*Re: “pretty good”. I was spoiled in Vancouver where I worked across the street from THREE family-operated Indian restaurants and a sweet shop with amazing samosas.

In my experience, chana/chole masala typically does have tomato in it, but India’s a big place with lots of regional variations. But, at any rate, chana is chickpeas, not lentils.

when I went to make it myself, I looked up recipes online. predictably, there was at least that One Person in the comments who had to chime in with “no no no, this is all wrong, my great grandmother in Bangalore would never use mustard seeds!”


it’s like asking “what’s the correct recipe for beef stew?”