What's the name of this photographer?

Modern fellow, still working . . . He does surrealist landscape and architecture photos, b/w . . . Bizarre images of old buildings melting into tree roots . . . That sorta thing . . . Ring a bell with anyone? It’s driving me nuts, as the pirate said.

Jerry Uelsmann (the picture you mention is on the home page).


Some very cool stuff.

Thank you! I’m in the market for some new artwork for my new apartment, and I’m going to see if I can buy some prints of his work.

Oh, there’s a somewhat similar guy,
Scott Mutter. The ‘escalator + ocean’ one has been reprinted a lot.

I don’t like Scott Mutter as much, though - his montages seem to just be juxtapositions that are only slightly interesting (“Let’s stick a revolving door on a tombstone!”). They somehow aren’t as evocative for me as Uelsmann’s work (even if it is rather Dali-esque, I like Dali).

Hmmm . . . Looking at his web site, he is astronomically out of my price range . . .