Modern artists - Share your favorites!

I love art but am not at all artistic. I’ve recently been trying to discover some newer artists but am finding that’s not as easy a task as it sounds. I’ve decided to ask here because surely I will find some wonderful recommendations by doing so.

I’ll kick things off by sharing my newest find - James Jean.

I really like Sidney Goodman. You can find a bunch of his stuff here at the Artchive (I can’t figure out how to link directly to his work at the Artchive, but just click on ‘Goodman’ in the list on the left and you’ll then be presented with an internal link called “view image list”. Click on it to see his paintings).

Although I like virtually everything of Goodman’s listed there, I think “Figures in a Landscape” and “Sightseers” are extraordinary. The former is highly reminiscent of a famous photo by the inimitable Diane Arbus. Sightseers is Goodman being playful (IMSHO). Okay, check out a third one while you’re at it. It’s called “Crowd Scene”. I’ve never seen the look (and postures) of my youth better depicted.

ETA: I don’t like a lot of the Goodman stuff you get by googling Google Images for Sidney Goodman so suggest you don’t go that route.

Sorry for the rapid second post, but to save work for those who may be interested, here are three Goodman works I mentioned:

  1. Figures in a Landscape

  2. Sightseers

  3. Crowd Scene

Thank you so much for sharing this. My favorite of the three paintings you directly linked to is Crowd Scene, with Sightseers a close second and I haven’t done a Google image search for Sidney Goodman yet … but I’m gonna. :wink: I also quite like The Quick and the Dead.

Are you a Diane Arbus fan? I love her. This is but one of my favorite Arbus photos - probably NSFW

This is a James Jean print I will likely end up buying. The Fall. I love almost everything about it - with the minor exception of something about the girl’s hair. The way it falls on the steps bothers me a bit.

Arbus is amazing, absolutely amazing.

Three (of many) of my Arbus’ faves:

Teenage Couple

Child with Grenade

An untitled work (which I have always found spooks me at some visceral level)

Mark Tansey. Often very clever.

Here’s his Doubting Thomas.

Picasso and Bracque.

Actually, you can just browse images yourself.

I don’t think you know what “inimitable” means.

Pray tell. What do you think it means?

ETA: I said “reminiscent”, not equivalent.

ETA more: You came here to post that in a thread on modern artists?

Nonetheless, saying that in the same sentence as “inimitable” is a little bit oxymoronic.

I’m also not sure if she really is inimitable, because I can’t see much about her work that’s unique. I’m sure I’ve seen images like that throughout the 20th Century from various photographers.

Sorry for the hijack, I probably shouldn’t be here.