What's the nastiest and/or yummiest halloween candy?

I like the orange and black peanut-butter taffy. And any kind of chocolate. I like raisins.

I hate circus peanuts, candy corn and smartees. And toothbrushes - what spoilsport would give kids toothbrushes on hallowe’en?


Orange and black peanut butter taffy?? WTF? I’ve seen these little orange and black pumpkin-shaped candies that are pretty gross but beyond those you’ll have to enlighten me.

But, Godzillatemple, you are right on with the worst ever Halloween treat…black licorice. That stuff is worse than my worse-ever, who even knows what this stuff is made of, not to offend any Aussies out there, disgusting vegemite.

Best: those tiny-sized Reese’s peanut butter cups. YUM!

However much my own words might have varied, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Circus Peanuts, Peeps and any other of Rocky Mountain o’ marshmallow heave inducing sorta spooje, especially any type of d@mn concoction containing DRIED COCONUT! Mounds? Yeah, a mound of &*$%!

WhetherMan - I’ve seen them called peanut butter kisses. You can find them at all the best discount stores. I usually buy a couple bags on November 1st.


Bad: Orange & Black Wrappered junk, Candy Corn

Good: Nerds, Sweettarts, Miniature candy bars…mmm

StG, thanks for the info. I’d usually say I’m all for trying something new, but from the sounds of it I guess little orange and black peanut butter taffy is something I’d be wise to steer clear of.

Worst - Eatmore’s, Raisins, Black Licorice, Orange & Black Treats-from-Hell

Best - Wagon Wheels

  • o yes, we luvs our Wagon Wheels, precious*

Worst: Almond Joy.

Best: It’s hard to say. When we were kids in my neighborhood, we’d hit, like EVERY house in a 5 mile radius. Going to that many, we’d tend to find a lot of oddball-but great items. My favorites included comic books (good ones!), whole bottles of soda, and the guy who let us take handfuls out of his change jar.

Worst: The icky orange and black things, raisins, Skittles (I really don’t like Skittles).

Best: Blow Pops, 3 Musketeers, Milky Ways, and those little mini Hershey bars.

Faves: Milk Duds, Whoppers (malted milk balls), Hershey’s minis.

Worst: Circus Peanuts (Mrs. Uvula loves 'em though - there’s no accounting for taste.)

Huhhuh huh huh hhhuh huh huh…Angel said “blow.”

Surely you’re not talking about the black and orange salt water taffy that everyone seems to give out around here. Taffy is the best! If you’re talking about that nasty peanut butterey candy though, then I agree.

Also, I’ll have to put my vote in for Smarties. Yum!

The worst candy ever: Circus Peanuts.

Carmel popcorn balls.

Worst: Necco Wafers

Best: Crunch (if I buy these for the kiddies more than 4 hours before Halloween actually hits, they mysteriously vanish before the little monsters show up)

Worst: Hoarhound or Horehound candy. Trust me. It’s a hard candy. I think you can still find it near the stick candy at Cracker Barrell.

Best: Congealed Monkey Vomit (by comparison)


Worse: The peanut butter shits everyone else said