What's the nastiest and/or yummiest halloween candy?

For me:
Nastiest - those beige globs that are wrapped in orange and black waxed paper.

Yummiest - fun size Almond Joy. I hate full sized Almond Joys, too much almond, not enough joy.

I was always partial to Bit-o-Honey, personally.

Black licorice is the worst, though.

Oh I agree those nasty taffy waxed thingamabobs in the orange and black paper. They are the worst.

Followed by Smarties, Sweet Tarts and Nerds.

The best candy are Almond Joys, Mounds, Hershey Kisses and Sugar babies.

The worst?
Mary Janes Peanut/Molasses candies. I get that pukey feeling in the back of my throat when I think of them. Absolutely awful. Who the hell thought of putting peanuts together with molasses anyways? Gaah…

The best are the mini heath bars or butterfingers. My kids always have to pay the heath bar tax every Halloween!

Everything listed so far sounds yummy to me.

Best: snack size Snickers

Worst: Pal gum

Best - Mini Heath Bars, Almond Joy, Crunch, Snickers.

Worst - that Rock Hard Gum that has a taste for 2 seconds.

I also thought of those orange and black wrapped vaguely-peanut-flavored-taffy-shits too when i read the thread name.

As for my faves… fun size snickers.

Best: Sugar Daddies. Ummm, filling-pulling goodness.

Worst: as mentioned, the orange and black things

Best: candy corn and mini bags of Cornnuts
Worst: effing Sunmaid raisins

I hate those vial black and orange things. But fucking candy corn reminds me of rotten teeth. I wretch when I see someone eat them.

And circus peanuts can blow me.

I have one that’s a mix of both… Candy Corn…

That stuff is so sweet and addictive and yet at the same time if you eat more than 4 in a row they are gross as hell.

oh hell, those disgusting halloween specific crap candies, which were already described so well as: vaguely-peanut-flavored-taffy-shits. Anything that’s NOT candy, ie peanuts, raisins. But the worst thing: RELIGIOUS PAMPHLETS. Sort of off topic, but I really hate it when some quivering old lady hands me one of these, while trying to convice me that I’m secretly worshiping satan by dressing up and eating candy…

Best: CANDY CIGGARETTES!! All of my friends hate them, but I love them! AHAHAH! MORE FOR ME! I think they just call them “candy stix” now. Coffee Crisps.

I am so bucking the trend here and am coming out in favor of the orange and blacked wrapped beige pieces of shit. They are Mary Jane kisses and they are the best. Also a big fan of Smarties.

Candy corn is gross, and most other non-chocolate candies are disappointments.

Worst candy ever: candy corn. I’d rather eat congealed monkey vomit.

Best: M&M’s in the little packets, either plain or peanut or even almond.

Worst: candy corn

I’ll take the M&M peanuts, thank you very much.

Y’all can keep the tootsie rolls and the tootsie pop. Ick.

I don’t care for those peanut butter things in the wrappers myself, mainly due to an unpleasant experience. I gorged myself on those things one Halloween when I was a kid and then spent the night puking. The next day I felt better so I went to an art class and in the middle of class became so weak the teachers had to take me to the kitchen and give me some orange juice so I wouldn’t fall out of my chair.

I’ll stick with skittles from now on. I love skittles.

Oh, Pal gum is the worst. I like Dubble Bubble and its vague menthol flavor, though.

I wish I was acceptable as a trick-or-treater; I’d love to get my hands on a few of those Chick tracts at an age that I can fully appreciate them.

I’m with Otto-I LIKE the peanut butter taffy.

But the best are popcorn balls, peanut butter cups, individual bags of chips, Doritos, etc, pop.

Nastiest? Candy corn. It’s so sweet-yuck.

Worst: Candy Corn and the orange and black wrapped pieces of shit (I think they were called peanut butter kisses around here when I was a kid).

Best: Full size Milky Way, Three Musketeers and Snickers. There was a house that gave those out down the street…and then they’d give all the leftover candy to my mom the next day.